Fabulous Photographer for under $1000 ?

Hi I am in the Atlanta area looking for a fabulous photographer to shoot my wedding from beginning to end for as under $1000. I know that is a small budget but it is what I can afford. I am an artist so I know what good photography looks like and I would like my images to look professional rather than like a friend took the pictures ( if you know what I mean :) ....If anyone has recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. The wedding date is 10/18/14 at a rustic farm in power springs.

Re: Fabulous Photographer for under $1000 ?

  • Look for Kelley Bruce Photography on Facebook.  She's great!  I have booked her for my wedding.
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    He's probably slightly over your budget...but I think maybe my sister paid over $1000 because she hired her photographer for an extra hour. I'm pretty sure her total for his package was $1100. We all thought he did a fabulous job and I'm pretty certain an engagement photo shoot was included in his package.

    Really couldn't recommend Jack more. He was friendly and personable with everyone, took great pictures, and had the majority of my sister's wedding photos online less than a week or two after her wedding.

  • Barbara Covington is amazing! She did my friend's wedding and I just booked her to do mine. I know her cheapest package is $999 and it's for the full day. Her shots are absolutely stunning. I highly recommend her.
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    @kateawtrey Not sure if you know this or not but advertising your services as a vendor on TK boards is kind of a no-no. You've done it twice now and I'm just careful about it. This is from the sticky at the top of the board page:

    "Vendors will be reported as such and the posts deleted. If you are a vendor and doing more than contributing to the Atlanta board as a participant, your posts will be deleted and you could be banned. You must go through proper channels to advertise your services on TK.

    Thank you."

  • check out Fotographie Atlanta!  Amazing website, customer service was excellent!
  • Andrew Terrell is amazing and so willing to work with you! For $1000 you can get full day coverage with him and an assistant. He also has an $800 package. Go to
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