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Quirky ceremony location ideas

I'm looking for inspiration for a unique place to do our ceremony.  Please help, I'm out of ideas! :)

We're planning our wedding in summer of 2015 in Wisconsin Dells, WI, with a gigantic guest list, and we live out of state.  We have fallen completely in love with a gorgeous reception location for our wedding, but they don't do ceremonies.  After TONS of googling I'm struggling to find a good ceremony place to go with it.  We're good with outdoors, but would need to have a back-up indoor area, and the tricky part is I have a HUGE family and a lot of them are older so seating for at least 120 is needed (otherwise we'd just go stand on the bank of a river)  All the typical places that offer ceremonies in the area want you to do both there, so we'd lose the reception place we love (And pay 3 times as much because the place we found is a great bargain). We contacted churches in town but even when I found one the same denomination that I am, I got a very rude response because I'm not a member of their congregation.  Wisconsin Dells is a tourist community that specializes in waterparks (and I was super excited to do the ceremony under a roller coaster or something ridiculous like that, until I realized they'd charge admission to the park for all our guests).  We've looked at state parks, campgrounds, country clubs, golf courses, hotels, restaurants with outdoor seating, everywhere we can think of, and nothing offers a ceremony area we like.  I'm hoping someone might have inspiration of an a-typical place we could look for to hold the ceremony. 

We have a back-up plan of a family church that's in the area, but it's 45 min away from the reception site and is not really our taste.  It's a backwoods country church and while I love it, it was built and designed for functionality, not beauty. 

Btw - writing this I'm realizing it sounds like I'm being crazy picky, and I probably am.  But there's still 16 months till the wedding so I figure I have enough time to be picky right now, and lower my expectations later if need be. :)

Re: Quirky ceremony location ideas

  • There are some places I can think of that you could try, that are available in my city, not necessarily yours: aviary, the huge flower conservatory, some art museums and other random museums that have large spaces to rent.
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