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nontraditional ceremony songs

Hi everyone! So my fiance and I are going to be having a guitarist play at our ceremony (and cocktail hour), he sings as well.  So I am wondering what nontraditional songs anyone can recommend, I have a few in mind like Marry Me, A Thousand Years, God Gave Me You- but not really sure which ones I want to have played.  Going along with that, should we have just the instrumental versions of these songs or have him sing them? Maybe have him sing but then when it comes time to get things started have him play just instrumental.  Ahh decisions...decisions! Thanks in advanced for the help!!   

Re: nontraditional ceremony songs

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    It's really personal preference, I don't care for vocals during the ceremony, but if you do then go for it.

    Can he give you like, a sample of each song? or youtube guitar instrumentals and see what you like.

  • I love A Thousand Years, it's such a pretty song! I am going to walk down the aisle to The First Day of My Life. I think I would prefer instrumental during the ceremony but I am not being picky because we are using a playlist instead of hiring a DJ or a band.
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    I'm thinking of "I See You" from Avatar,

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