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Beachy Wedding Items For Sale

I married in Orleans in 2010. My husband and I recently relocated and my in-laws are graciously storing our remaining wedding decor at their home in New Hampshire. My MIL is traveling to Eastham this weekend to close the cottage. 

If you'd like to purchase, please call 603-749-4592 to arrange payment and pick up. If you're wanting to see pictures of items please send me an email at [email protected] and I will happily send them!

Items available include: 8 starfish poles (used to line isle) $20, small lobster trap $5, 2 basketball sized white hydrangea pomanders (silk flowers strung with twine) $10, copper lamp $5, silver galvanized bucket $5, assorted plastic starfish/clam shells/sand dollars from Xmas Tree Shop (totaling ~65 pieces) $5 for lot, assorted real seashells and 12 finger starfish $5 for lot, 4 wooden trays (used to hold sand and decorations as centerpieces) $5, cake/champagne serving set never used $5, size small bride tank top/toss garter/assorted bachelorette items $5 for lot. 3# lime green sand and 3# violet purple sand in original packaging $5, obscene amounts of lime green and violet purple ribbon on spools (varying widths/types but same colors) $5, set of 16 shell place card holders $5. Fishing net $3, plastic lobster $2, 20 light green tea lights and assorted shell tea light holders $3 for all, 2 wedding cake shaped candles $2, clay lighthouses $2, and assorted adirondack chair decorations $3.

Many paper goods FREE to anyone already purchasing items. All are part of the Brides line of DIY invitations. I can email my templates if interested. 

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Re: Beachy Wedding Items For Sale

  • It looks like this has been up for a while, but do you still have the assorted plastic starfish/clam shells/sand dollars from christmas tree? Also interested in the real seashells and starfish if available. Let me know, I'm on the cape as well.
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