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I am so excited, I just have to share. I put the deposit down on my dress today! I had today off, so a few weeks ago I made an appointment at Mariella's thinking that a weekday appt would be infinitely better than a weekend, and let me tell you- I am SO glad I did. I was the only bride there this afternoon! When I made my appt a few weeks ago I asked if they had a specific dress available as a sample, and the man I spoke to on the phone said that unfortunately, they didn't have it. Boo! :( i made the appointment Anyway, and hoped to try on something similar enough that I could get a good idea. Anyways, fast forward to today, I couldn't remember what time my appointment was, and accidentally showed up a half hour early. No matter, after 5 or 6 minutes they had a consultant for me. My consultant (Kathy) asked what style of dress I was looking for, do you have a pinterest board, etc. I referenced the dress I had hoped to try on, and low and behold, they DID have the sample (just goes to show, never trust a male when they say they looked for something lol). Even though they had the dress I was looking for, Kathy took the time to show me the various closets (they have everything sorted by outline), and we must have pulled over a dozen dresses in addition to the one I had my eye on. We tried on THE dress, I loved it, but Kathy took the time to lace me into EVERY dress we had pulled, just to make sure I truly loved loved my original dress. She didn't rush me, helped me try on multiple veils to see different looks with the dress, grabbed multiple headbands/earrings etc to Make sure that I had THE look I wanted for my big day. I could not have had a better experience today. I will say this, I think I may have been a little overwhelmed had this not been the 5th dress appointment I've had. I took the time to educate myself, rule out certain styles and shapes etc, but the customer service I received today was beyond compare. Absolutely loved it!

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  • They are truly a great place to look (and hopefully) buy a dress! I also had an AWESOME experience with them and keep telling any/all engaged ladies I meet to go there!!! Mine has come in  - I'm off the next two days and I plan on going to try it on!! Ekkkkk!!! 
    Congrats on finding your dress!!
  • my sister in law got her dress there. i saw some stuff from designers they carried but unfortunatly they only had one gown in a size 20 to try on and i needed to be able to try on gowns in 20s 22s 24s which they did not have. so i ended up at bridal bells but mariellas  has some nice things if you are on the smaller side of plus 14s 16s you can get into there samples
  • My dress is an 18, and we made it work!

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