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Simplicity Gourmet, Bella Bridal Network, Etc.

This company is a big fat scam!!!!! My fiance and I went to a a Bridal Expo. A week later, we received a phone call saying we had won a trip! All we had to do was show up at a hotel and sit and listen to a guy talk about some cookware and we would get our free vacation. So we went and listened and actually liked what the guy had to say. He demonstrated right in front of us the cookware and fed us the food from it. My fiance and I purchased the cookware and supposedly received our free vacation. After reading the paperwork on the vacation, you have to sign up for 3 places and 3-4 weeks before the vacation they send you your spot based on availability. Well, now I don't know if that is going to work out based on the reviews that I have read on other websites. Then came the whammy. We bought the largest package because we needed everything it offered. Several things happened: I used the cookware one time, and it has rusted and become cloudy. The lady on the phone said that I had to use my stainless steel cleaner. She also told me that she wouldn't honor my two lifetime guarantees and take the cookware that was messed up back because it was impossible for the stainless steel cleaner not to work. She also told me that there was something wrong with my "water" that was making my cookware cloudy. Do not believe these people. I plan to go stand at the next bridal expo that they are at and protest against them even being there. It is ridiculous that this company can scam so many people. I wish I had read all the reviews online before purchasing. Their facebook and websites don't even post telephone numbers on them. I hope this helps somebody not make the same mistake I did. 

Re: Simplicity Gourmet, Bella Bridal Network, Etc.

  • @hly9

    They have a lot of scams like this all under different company names and some details change based on each scam but the basic idea or winning a trip remains the same. 

    Thanks for the heads up on this one though and sorry you went through that!
  • If it sounds to good to be true be very careful
  • Yep... we "won" too.  We went to the show.. I told her I LOVED my Pampered Chef Executive Cookware (I've had it for years and no, I don't sell it).  I guess she didn't want me to poison the others so she quickly gave me my travel voucher, future bridal show tickets, and $1000 "surprise"- which turned out to be grocery coupons and pushed us out the door.  My fiance was furious that we will never get those 2 hours of our life back.  We bought nothing... glad to see that it was a wise choice. Thank to OP for sharing so others wouldn't have the same experience!
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