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my bridesmaids and I are looking to rent either hotel rooms or a B&B for the few nights before the wedding. We want this to double as the bachelorette party (2 nights before the wedding) and a place to get ready at during the wedding. Sleeping wise it'll only be 7-8 people but getting ready for the wedding is going to be 8-15 people. I've tried to email a few places but no one is emailing me back and the ones who are would be acceptable if I had fewer people. Does anyone know a place that we could go that would be reasonable??? Ideally I'd like a B&B that is a house that we can rent, or even just a house doesnt need to be a B&B. GAH idk, anyone have any thoughts or suggestions????

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    You would probably be better off posting this on the local boards for New Orleans.
  • Try or  They have pictures of the houses and vacation rentals. I always use those sites when I am traveling somewhere and staying for a while. It also is a good idea if you want to have many people for less money.  They have daily, weekly and monthly rates. I am from NOLA, originally.  I hope you and your girls have an amazing time!
  • Air BnB is a good option as well. We have been making a lot of inquiries for this same purpose and most people have been super nice and eager to help us find the right place.
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