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What are your favorite non-spirit cocktails?

What are some of your favorite cocktails made with beer, wine, malts, or champagne?

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Re: What are your favorite non-spirit cocktails?

  • Bellini!  I am a fan of champagne cocktails.
  • Yes! Bellini or mimosa. You can make champagne cocktails with any kind of fruit puree.
  • I love white sangria.  Ditto PPs that bellinis and mimosas are super popular, I don't care for them bc I don't like anything carbonated, but most people do!
  • Okay this maybe sounds a little weird, but I'm a fan of radlers (beer and lemonade).
  • That's 2 votes for champagne cocktails and a 3rd that acknowledges they popular ;)  I love fruity drinks and carbonation so you won't hear any complains from me!

    @eileenrob - I'm not a huge wine drinker but that also sounds yummy.  I used to have a flavor of *cheap* dessert wine that I loved because it was a lot like drinking orange soda.  Unfortunately they discontinued it several years ago and have no interest in re-starting production.  (I think I offered to buy a palette, lol.)

    @GARION - Not at all!  I've had Lynchburg Lemonade, which is whiskey based but not a raddler. I'm not a beer drinker, but there is a local-ish ale we started buying in the summer that is a golden ale with lemon juice that I enjoy when we're cooking out.  

    I'll have to stockpile recipes to try out when the weather's nicer.

    Knowing my luck I'll like *all* of them and just end up with a basic beer, wine, champagne, and a silly amount of fruit juices & purees behind the bar =)
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  • Ditto all the PPs.  Other suggestions: 
    Red and white wine spritzers.  

    What about a classic champagne cocktail?  That's just sugar, bitters, and champagne.  Very elegant.  If the venue is super strict about no spirits, there are non-alcoholic bitters.  

    I'm not sure this has a name, because I made it up (nothing is very original though, so I'm sure this is a drink that already has a name).  It's lemon juice, muddled mint, sugar, and champagne.  

    I would say sangria, but sangria usually has brandy.
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  • Sangria, arnold palmer, mimosa
  • Definitely mimosas and bellinis!  And sangria too.
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    Bellinis and mimosas for me as well.
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