Want draping at venue..... Don't know who to use ????

I want to have draping at my reception venue. I am having a hard time finding a company a and the one that I did find wants 10 grand !!!! Omg yikes !!!! Can anyone help me with suggestions ?

Re: Want draping at venue..... Don't know who to use ????

  • You would really look in to it for me :):) and help me !!!!!????? I looked A few times but I am having a hard time finding companies. I'm tired and aggregated of looking at this point, not to mention I am completely behind on finding, meeting with and picking ALL my vendor :( Anyways ........ Let me fill you in on what information I have gathered along my hunt .... A wedding planner told me entertainment companies or lighting (up lighting) companies tend to do it. I am also considering having (some but not a lot) of uplighting In my reception room. I was hoping to get a deal since I was going to try and get both from the same company. I wanted the draping Synergetic Sounds and lighting( in Bensalem, PA 19020) was the company who gave me the quote and told me 10 grand ( I almost choked ). The quote for 10 grand was for the ceiling and wall in the reception room. I really only wanted the ceiling draped for this room. I still can't believe they wanted $10,000.00 !!!!!! Either could the 10-15 people I told. What I find even crazier, is they gave me a quote for the room where cocktail hour will be held at for 600.00. Ok, that's reasonable, considering all the walls and both (very large ) entryway Where draped. They also tried adding on all this crazy and point less lighting that I didn't want or need. I can't stand when venders do that !!!!!! it really annoys me, it makes me not want to use them. Anyways.... My reception venue is..... The WaterFall Room ( Its catered by P&P ) The address is..... 271 Southampton Rd Philadelphia, PA 19154 It's in the North East section of Philadelphia. The North East is a large area, the hall is located with in a few miles of Bensalem township, Southampton township, Lower Southampton, Feastervill-Trevose and many more. Its also about 15-20 miles from South Jersey, if you use the Tacony bridge. Since my hall is with miles of so many (fairly large ) areas/towns, I assumed I would have been able to find at least a handful of companies that do draping for a reasonable price :(
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