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I'm not sure if anyone can relate or if it's just me so bare with me.

So I haven't been feeling that great all week.  This past Sunday came around and I felt like I was having shortness of breath.  Along with the shortness of breath I have been getting headaches, feeling dizzy, and have had a serious case of insomnia. 

Today rolls around and I'm doing laundry and I literally felt like I was struggling to breathe.  It was painful.  Finally I was just reduced to tears when Todd told me it was time to go to the doctor.  I'm thinking something might seriously be wrong with me.  Scary.

We get to the doctors office and shes checking my lungs and heartbeat and she says everything sounds great.  Then she starts asking me questions on if I had been feeling stressed lately.  I didn't really think I had but when Todd told her we have been planning a wedding she looked at me like she had just hit the bullseye.  She was asking if I had the dizzy spell and headaches and shortness of breath and of course I told her I had and she told me point blank I was stressed out.  On top of that I guess I have been stressed out about living so far from my family this year(Todd filled her in on that, last time he goes in with me) and she basically told me that even that I haven't realized I am stressed I fit all the symptoms.  She said she also had another bride in there about a month ago fitting the same description.  Long story short..Shes going to put me on some Xanex(sp?)  She said it would help me sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and it would calm my nerves a bit.

Anybody else going through this at all?  I feel like a freak.  Honest to God I haven't really been too stressed about planning because my dad is doing most of it(yep I got the Dadzilla) my job is to tell him what I want and he makes it happen.  I guess planning a wedding 2000 miles away along with the worrying about where we will live when we move back to Illinois, being homesick, thinking I actually might be really sick, etc was more than I thought.  ARGHH, thanks for listening(reading) just needed to get it out.  Am I crazy?

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Re: Anxiety

  • I got really stressed when we first started, but I'm pretty good right now. I do get really bad anxiety sometimes. I didn't sleep for an entire month last year when FI had his hours increased at work and we were in a long distance relationship. One thing I would highly recommend is working out. It's a huge distraction for me, plus it's proven to help people be less stressed and depressed.
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  • jill- You're NOT a freak. Its completely normal for you to be freaking out. I'm not to that point, but if I was planning from 2000 miles away and far from my family I would probably be just the same way. I stress alot too. I get shakey and feel like I just want to go to bed. Its only ever once in a while for me (not over wedding planning so far though- so far its been like crack to me! LOL) so I've never gone to the Dr. for it. I'm glad you did though! Don't be mad at your FI for spilling the beans at the Dr.'s office. Be glad he did! It sounds like it's gonna end up helping you. The meds I"m sure won't be permanent. Its alot to plan a wedding!

    Hang in there! <3
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  • It's ok. A lot of people when they are so busy/stressed, it catches up to them eventually. I know with me, I'm stressed 24/7 due to planning, work, and ever so often looking for a new job...it's hard. I've had mental breakdowns already.

    Once our day is here, it will be all worth it! Everything will fall into place!

  • Dont worry about it!  Its completely normal to not realize how stressed out your are, and the best thing you could have done was go to the doctor, before the stress really started to take a toll. 

    my advice is the same as chrissys, keep a regular schedule, and make sure you are getting a good amount of sleep.  Exercise is awesome for stress, and health in general. 

    I went through a really stressful period in my life a few years ago, i went to the doctor and he prescribed me mild anti-depressents and anti anxiety medication (much different situation), and it really really helped me during that time.  After everything was over, I slowly went off that medication, and have been fine since.

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  • Totally normal! I'm planning the wedding from 3000 miles away - feel ya there - am starting grad school on Monday AND have been having crazy changes at work. My first few months of being engaged were crazy! What really helped me was writing down a list of everything that needs to be done right now, things that can wait and then a list of things that I'm just thinking about - that way its all there in a more tangible way and feels more manageable! Plus who doesn't love crossing things of a list? ;) I didn't get to see my parents for 3 months after we were engaged, too! I didn't really realize that I was super stressed that I didn't get to hug my mom and after I had some family down time it was pre-wedding bliss.  Sleep, take a jog, eat some dark chocolate - in no particular order - and once things are in perspective you'll feel better. No worries! 
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  • Thanks so much ladies.  I really appreciate the advice and feedback.  I started a couple meds today so fingers crossed this removes that huge lump I feel that is in my throat 24/7.  I am looking forward to getting a decent night sleep too.  The doctor basically told me the same thing you guys did too.  Exercising and lists being a huge factor along with long walks on the beach with Todd.    :)  Can't argue with that logic.  Anyways I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks again!
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  • I am going through the SAME thing! The other day, my fiance came home and found me sobbing in a pile of wedding magazines. I live in CA, but I am planning a wedding back in Michigan and feeling the EXACT same way - we are moving back too and I am stressed about the same stuff - job, place to live, wedding planning! Ahhh! Hope the prescription helps - we just need to relax. Easier said than done, right?! :)
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