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Roger Robach Community Center

My fiancé and I have reserved this building for wedding reception next July. I was wondering if there was anyone that has had their wedding here, or knows anyone that had. I have a few questions. What should we do for decorations inside the building? The ceilings are so high it would be hard to put anything up there I think. And what did you do for your ceremony? I would really like to have it on the beach, possibly the courtyard. Do they allow you to being bring the chairs from inside the building to the beach or the courtyard for a ceremony?

Re: Roger Robach Community Center

  • Our wedding will be held there this June. We will have a ladder to hang some drapes and globes from the ceiling. The gentleman that showed us the venue mentioned that all the building was accessible to us that day, but an extra 50 to use the courtyard. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to use the chairs as long as you put them back at the end.
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