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Good morning

2 more days until I'm off for a week.  Bring it. 

The weather is not cooperating for Saturday (DefConn's party).  Ugh.  DH's uncle and aunt are going to be in town and coming to the party.  They're my favorites out of his whole family, not only becuase they have the farm where we go camping, but because they're just cool. 

DH is off Friday.  Woohoo.  We're trying to figure out something fun to do with the kids since it is DefConn's actual bday.  

We ordered balloons for DefConn's bday party on Sunday and he's asked for them every day this week.  If people ask him what he wants for his bday, he says balloons. 

Now I just need some elves to clean my house and get me ready for this party. 

Re: Good morning

  • Happy Hump Day!

    My normally 45-minute commute took me 1.5 hours this morning because Central PA had a snow squall that caused people to drive like MO-RONS, so there were crashes up and down the interstate.

    Less than a quarter inch of snow, y'all, and three crashes in a 15-mile stretch of road.

    I'm supposed to be running a phoneathon today, and no one has RSVP'd that they plan to attend, so that might make my day interesting.

    But Mama HisGirl is in town tonight (got in last night, leaves tomorrow), so I'm pretty stoked about that!

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • I found out that another policy at work is just jacked up, so I actually only have 50 hours of vacation time left.  Yay.  Not like we can do anything anyway.  I just need to get through this week.  I have a lot of boring dull office work to do that needs to be done, but man is it boring and dull.
  • I have been in "get shit done" mode for a few days and it feels awesome.  It started Saturday when I spent an hour taking the couch apart to move it and scrub the floor underneath.  I've been organizing things since then.

    Yesterday's project was the bathroom.  It's got zero storage aside from the cabinet under the sink.  I cleaned it out and organized it with bins and baskets and actually created more room than I started with.  I also gave the room a deep clean.

    I've got ideas for rearranging living room furniture but not sure I'll get that done today.  It's Wednesday so I've got my work errands to run.

    I'm also looking for ideas to get more color in the living room.  The walls are a darkish bluish green and I have all black frames and dark/espresso furniture (except the light gray couch).  I need things in here that will lighten it up.  I think switching out the dark purple and black fabric bins in the bookcases will help but I also need some lighter things on the walls.

  • Taw, we finally bought a storage cabinet for our bathroom and I'm wondering how we made it without it...Oh yeah, our counter was always a hot mess. :)

  • Today's hopefully a quiet day, so maybe I can get some stuff done like housekeeping and other projects. Of course, our portal system actually has to WORK.

    It's official, booked my SFran business trip :) I managed to tack on an extra day for business overrun and other topics...whether those topics include learning about Chinese herbals in Chinatown, medicinal mushrooms in Berkeley... It's all about the training and knowledge base :)

    It must be that time of the month, because I'm in full Fuck TN mode. The theocrats have been active...they need some gridlock in there... There's some infuriating/scary shit on the Guv's desk and coming up.
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  • It must be in the air. I'm on a get healthy kick. I got my annual blood work up done and the ol' cholesterol number is creeping up. Everything else was good, but I'm on a mission to work out more and get that number down.


  • Taw, we finally bought a storage cabinet for our bathroom and I'm wondering how we made it without it...Oh yeah, our counter was always a hot mess. :)

    We don't even have much of a counter to mess up.  This is our vanity:


    And our bathroom is too small to put a proper linen cabinet in.  We are on the lookout for something less than 11in wide for storage.  Ugh.

  • mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    This is what we got, but it is 12.25" wide. 

    If you like that or find something else you like on that site, I have discount codes. :) 
  • That's the same brand as our vanity.  Are you happy with the quality of your cabinet?  We are not happy.  It's gorgeous granite with a vessel sink on top of crap.  It's only 2 years old and just not holding up.  We bought it online because it wasn't carried in store and if we did it over again, we would go with something else.  I anticipate keeping the granite and bowl and putting it on top of a new cabinet in the next year or so.

  • I like it.  We've only had it a couple weeks,  but for what it is and what we's perfect. 

    If/when we move and if we have enough storage in our new bathroom, I'll probably use it in the laundry room. 
  • I am pretty beat today. Was up at 430 yesterday morning to take the train to L.A. for a training class, then back home again. Got home at 9, finished the bed time ringtone with the kiddo who basically thought she was having the best night ever hanging with auntie, uncle, her cousin, and some animal crackers while watching Sesame St. Long day though.

    Today I am off thankfully, but the house needs some cleaning, so once I am feeling more with it, I get up to do that.

    And F the mobile site. It logged me off in the middle of typing my post out. I get logged off at the most random points for seemingly no reason.

  • I am beyond tired. I am contemplating running away and saying "so long suckers!" to this family.
  • PMeg, I'll run away with you.  Or at least take a long weekend. :)
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    I'm finally having a day off. I slept for eleven hours last night and am no way ashamed of this. All I've done today is watch Frozen and sign up for poledancing lessons.

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    I am now dealing with figuring out health insurance information to pass on to new or prospective employees.  It's very annoying.  But I'll do it because I've been asked to.

    I really want a raise, but a certain part of me knows I don't deserve one jussst yet.  Soon though.  SOOOON.
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    Bleeping cat pissed in our bleeping bed again.  I'm tired of sleeping on the bleeping floor.  We even put a pad from 6let's potty training days where she normally goes.  Little bitch went to a new spot.

    We're doing M2's bday party Sunday and the weather looks good, but turnout will be low.  BIL hasn't even bothered to say if he's coming or not.  Not that it matters he'll do whatever on that day anyway.

    I got my period.

    I'm tired and cranky.

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