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Good morning

People are werid.  Some chick I barely remember from HS is organizing our 15 (what?) year reunion.  She friended me and I accepted.  She's obviously digging/FB stalking because she keeps like really old pics of mine and she commented on a pic of A and me. Her comments on the pic annoyed me, but I feel petty for being annoyed.  (<--- grief/emotions are complicated) 

It's rain/sleet/flurrying outside.  Gah.  My friend did post an amusing status the other day that said, "Persephone: Go see your mother. She's kicking our asses."  

Staycation starts tomorrow and it's DefConn's bday.  His present (a Fisher Price BBall hoop) came yesterday in a HUGE box.  I set the box in his room in front of his closet.  I forgot it was in there and he came out of his room yesterday afternoon and said, "MAMA! Why did daddy put a HUGE BOX by my closet?!" Ha. I love that he blames daddy for everything.  ;) 

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    You know, I saw her comments on that picture and without knowing her relationship with you, I felt squicky when she asked you to send her all the pics of A that you have.

    Not a FB stalker, it showed up in my news feed

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    A grew up in our town and went to school with all of these people for-ev-er.  While they may have fallen out of contact, they still all grew up together. 

    I moved here in 10th grade and obviously don't have that history with people. But I was there with her from when we met until the end. 

    A wasn't AW-y and didn't want to be known as 'the chick with cancer'.  Plus she wasn't on social media.  People not knowing is understandable. A lot more people know that another person we went to HS died of breast cancer a year and a half ago because she was quite vocal on FB and other social media about her fight and fundraising efforts. (<--not judginess...people are just different)

    So that's where the complicated feelings come in.  But she could have done that shit via PM. 
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    I saw that too and raised an eye brow.

    I just finished the big shopping trip for M2's bday party.  I'm annoyed that BIL hasn't responded AT ALL to DH asking if they are coming.  Not that it means anything, but I'm still annoyed.

    In other news I hit a weight loss goal and I'm starting to have a waist. 

  • I saw that pic too and wondered why that ended up popping up in the news feed now.

    Past that, we're winning the battle of the dirty dishes. Last night was not the final battle but a tactical victory.

    Today, just figuring out what work needs to get done. Still have a work portal that's not working.

    I think the worst of my irritability is done for now. But, man, it came out in epic style yesterday. Note to the world, when it's that time of the month, it's just best never to ask dharma what she's really thinking. No major career or life choices to be made either...just laaaay loooooow.
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  • I'm losing the war on laundry this week, Dharma.  I'm washing and drying it, but can't seem to find a lick of motivation to fold/hang it and put it away.  I have a pile of wrinkled clothes on my couch.  ::le sigh:: 
  • Conn - i saw the pic of you and A, too, and I had the same thought - the comment struck me as inappropriate for a "public" forum. 

    get ready for the terrible threes!
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    I also have to say that I get...irritated (OK, angry) when people talk about feeling 'connected' with her or whatever when I know that they weren't around after HS.  It may be unreasonable, but it is what it is. 

    The other classmate that died of breast cancer, I felt very affected by what she went through because of A (she actually showed up at the hospital toward the end of the road for A) and also because we were pregnant at the same time and the day I got home from the hospital after having DefConn, I found out her cancer had returned and she was going to have to deliver her daughter at 32 weeks so she could start treatment immediately.  I also referred her to my sitter when she needed someone to watch her daughter so she could go to treatments and didn't have back-up.  But we only saw each other a handful of times in the years after HS and I wouldn't say she was a friend.  We were always friendly and I found her incredibly sweet and what happened to her very heartbreaking.  I'd never wax on to one of her close friends about how 'connected' I felt to her because of how much it annoys me and how inappropriate it is (to me). 
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    I was also raising my eyebrow at the comments on the pic. It was... weird.

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