Wedding Woes

So what's up?

Big weekend plans? 

FIL and sMIL are coming today to do some touch ups and take the kids to the movies.  I broke my knife block so we went to Bed bath and Beyond and bought a new block and a few plate stands.  After almost 9 years I'm finally get some china out of the boxes. FIL wants to use our kitchen for his website and brochures so I need to get some pics before it gets too messy.

Tomorrow isn't much but party prep and Sunday is PAAAAARTAAAAY!

Re: So what's up?

  • I've canceled everything we had planned.  And I'm glad.  Work has just been super busy and with the personal responsiblities, I've really been needing my weekends to just relax and recharge.  I'd been doing so well w/working out and eating well.  This week, I fell off the wagon.  And now, I feel like crap.  So, I'm cleaning the house, doing all of my laundry, getting some grocery shopping done and just generally resetting.  The weather is finally supposed to be nice on the actual weekend, so we're taking the dogs out and just having some fun.
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    Work has been crazy this week.  It seems I can't get anything off my "to do" list without 2 more popping up.  And I have ZERO motivation today.  It's dreary and quiet and I just want to read a book.  LAME.

    I need to get my butt in gear.  I also need to dedicate myself to some physical endeavors because I'm sure races, etc will come up much quicker than I think.

    Woo. Family is in town, so I'm hoping to see them this weekend too.
  • My sister wants me to go on her cake tasting with her on Friday. I do love cake. Sat, I'm suppose to go to the movies with a friend. Sunday, church and a whole lot of napping.

  • Tonight we have a trivia night for one of Son's baseball teams.  We have a couple friends, my mom, sister and two cousins coming to complete our table.  I really hate trivia nights, but I never have a bad time with my family, plus I'm bringing a ton of food, so it should be ok.

    Tomorrow is more baseball stuff (field cleanup day and then Son has practice) and I'll have a couple hours of work to do.  Only 2.5 weeks left of the craziness.

    My house is looking awesome because I have had motivation for six whole days in a row so far.  This afternoon I'm going to clean out and organize the linen closet.  Everything just gets stuffed in there (towels, sheets/pillowcases, blankets and pillows) wherever it won't fall of the shelf and I'm tired of it.  Also, there's a random boombox in there for some unknown reason.

    This has been my mantra all week:


  • We slept in until about 8:30 or so and then the bday boy woke up.  His present, a bball hoop, was waiting in the living room for him.  He played bball for almost an hour and then we got ready and went to brunch at Cracker Barrel and then onto Sam's for party supplies and other stuff.  :)

    Party tomorrow, chilling on Sunday. 
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    Today is Taco Fredag, so we're having tacos. I also have symphony tonight.

    This weekend will be me being a video game widow and taking care of our canine video game orphans because Elder Scrolls Online is releasing.

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