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George Street Photography Review

Watch out for George Street!  On paper they look great, but once you get into the details, they are super shady.  I just got off the phone with one of the consultants and had a horrible experience.  She was rude, pushy, and couldn't answer any of my questions.  For $1595 you get one photographer for 10 hours, unlimited locations, 100 pics/per hour, a 90 day online gallery with edited photos, and a USB drive with no watermarked photos in hi res.  Since we're on a budget, this sounded great.  I went to their website, read some views on The Knot, and skimmed through their Facebook page and everything looked great.  After talking to my consultant, Tracy, I got to hear the real story.  

You have to fill out a style assessment before your first appointment to determine what kind of photography you'd like.  The problem was all of the pictures looked the same.  After taking the assessment, I was sent a link with four, two minute videos of photos that had taken from different weddings.  I couldn't really get a feel for the photographer's style or what kind of "story" they were telling.  I found a photographer that I liked.  I asked my consultant to send a full portfolio and references for the photographer.  I was told that she couldn't do that because of privacy issues.  That sounded fishy to me.  This is the only place that I contacted that wouldn't give you access to an actual portfolio. I asked if I could have the potential photographer's contact info or a link to their website to get a feel for their personality and style.  Also a no-go.  You don't directly communicate with your photographer until the day of your engagement session or wedding.  All communication is done through the Chicago office.  So you're signing a contract to work with a person that you don't get to talk to.  I had a whole bunch of questions that the coordinator could not answer, so she said she'd have to contact the potential photographer and ask them.  

Save your time and patience and find another photographer.  If you're on a budget and looking for someone who is reasonably priced, but still produces great work, I'd recommend Tara Dee:  http://www.taradeephotodesign.com/.  She wasn't available for our wedding, but we're going to use her for our engagement pictures.  Her packages start at $1000.

Re: George Street Photography Review

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    Thank you!

    I filled out a contest form and was called to rudely be told my wedding was too far in advance. (2016)
  • iI think the contest is fake too. she laughed when iI said we dont want to paya ton. oh well.
  • The contest form just gives them your info so they can spam your inbox every other day and even your phone...I did the same thing and they kept e-mailing and calling not even mentioning a contest until I unsubscribed. A legitimate photographer will not chase you for your business.
  • I don't remember filling out ANYTHING from them and I get daily emails and phone calls... :-/

  • Funny. I am not even sure how they got my cell number, but they called me 12 times in 4 days.. 3 voicemails and an email. I found that a bit strange. I finally told them I was not interested. They seemed pushy.
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