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cheap invitations

Hi all! 
I am looking for cheap invitations. I know that a lot of brides DIY this but I am not very crafty and I don't need very many invitations. Does anyone know of any local print shops that do decent work without charging an arm and a leg?
People literally throw away their invitations and I am not looking to spend a lot of money on this.


Re: cheap invitations

  • Grand Central Stationary on Las Olas Boulevard can help.  They have a very nice selection of packs of invitations in stock and they will print for a nominal fee.  They are genuinely nice people who will work with a bride on a budget.
  • I only paid for printing for my invitations we just sent them out I am a designer so it cut out that extra expense. I'm willing to work with you if you'd like
  • Define cheap? I brought a design for my invite and RSVP from etsy, and paid for printing locally, I also had to buy my own envelopes, so I paid about $200 for 200 invites and envelopes. To me...that's cheap! 
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