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Reception Venue Open Later Than Midnight?

In my mind the party... the fun part... is really only just beginning at midnight. In my mind, ideally, we bust out our turn tables and begin spinning records at midnight.
So my quandary is this:
I want - 
A. outdoorsy, garden, woodland, rustic feeling theme.
B. A flexible location without tons of restrictions, to be able to party the night away.

I find hardly any venues with any semblance of this ability. In fact so far I've only found The Outing Lodge in Stillwater, Linden Hill in Little Falls, and my favorite Pine Peak Event Center near Brainerd. This location is awesome because they let you use their decorations, have little restrictions, you "own" the lodge for the weekend, AND... now this is the best part... they serve you up 10 pizzas at 10pm at the reception... you know you're ready for a snack... so cool.

I don't really know if any of these venues will work. There are down sides to each of them. For instance, while I love the flexibility of Pine Peak - the garden area doesn't feel especially large or natural to me. Also the reception room is full of white draping which is U G L Y in my opinion.

I originally decided on a garden theme because if you pick a venue that is already gorgeous you have less decoration to consume yourself with, amiright?
Trouble is... no absolutely gorgeous to die for garden, green, floral, natural venue lets you party it up. They boot you out at 12 midnight.


Re: Reception Venue Open Later Than Midnight?

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