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Cape May Bachelorette Party

Hey all,
We are planning my friend's bachelorette party for the weekend of June 14th in Cape May. I've never been to Cape May and am not really sure where would be a nice place to stay. If anyone has done anything similar and has suggestions for nice places to stay that are also still fairly affordable, please share!

I looked at a few bed and breakfasts and they were about $370/night (yikes!) Very beautiful, but wow, way too much for a bachelorette party!

Thanks for any info/tips you can share!

Re: Cape May Bachelorette Party

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    Most of the places in Cape May will run you that price to rent a room.  Cape May can be expensive.  Are you set on Cape May?  There would be cheaper accomodations in Wildwood Crest, which is just the next town up from Cape May (you need to cross a bridge if your not familiar with the area).  It's very quiet and peaceful (it is a dry town, so no liquor stores or restaurants that serve).  It would also be possible to take a cab ride home at the end of the night from Cape May, without it being too costly.  Or try North Wildwood, the bars can be in walking distance from the hotel depending where you stay.

    If you want to share the potential plans you have, going to a bar, dinner, etc.  I could probably point you in a better direction. 

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