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Boston, MA area makeup artist for African American bride

Please help: I have had no success finding a makeup artist. And the recommended vendors on The Knot and other sites have no women of color in their galleries to show their experience.

I'm looking for a makeup artist, in the Boston area, who has experience with African American makeup. I want an artist who will come to the location, can apply lashes and possibly airbrush as well.


  • congratulations bridey!

    dunno how close these are to you but:

    These aren't personal recommendations, I didn't do nuthin but a google search but only for mua's whose cover page featured black models.  So I wouldn't assume they "specialize" in AA cosmetics per se, but Ligia, Calvina and Paula are black women.  The fourth, Joanna is not but in any event, get your yelp on girl, read and research.  hope that helped.  good luck!
  • Thanks @sultryzulu. Trust, I have Yelped, Googled, and Binged until I'm sick of looking. Sadly these suggestions may also be dead-ends:

    I've contacted Makeovers By Ligia, but she took weeks to respond and was a dead-end (I don't trust vendors who cannot respond to inquiries in a timely fashion).

    Gaude and Gold specializes in hair (weaves in particular). I have locks.She mentions makeup on her Facebook page but is her website is blank.

    Esthetics By Paula is a spa downtown and I am interested in an artist who is able to travel. And again a blank website.

    International Beauty Brides does have a website (legit business) and looks promising. So I'll definitely check them out!

    And again thanks - I definitely appreciate your help and will keep looking. I think it's also just frustrating because the Black/African American community in Boston is pretty limited and no one has a website or searchable information. Even The Knots suggested vendors are limited. Hopefully some women with experience in the MA/Boston area can make some suggestions since I feel so lost.
  • It is underwhelming. I'm now considering Boston was a location (RI native). If I hear anything I'll post. Where are you getting married @TastySunshine?
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  • anytime girl.  sorry the info wasn't more helpful.  I don't even really get doing business and your website isn't together.  makes about as much sense as telling people you're in the phone book.   honestly girl if the mountain can't come to mohammed....... I mean I don't know if i would do it because I live in a busy as all get out metro area too and don't no bride wanna factor travel and carrying on into her day, but unless you want it to be like a big piece of your photographic package, I'd consider going into a beauty bar (not as a walk in, someplace where you prepped them and they know not to kee kee but get you outta there in 20 minutes).    If you want it in the pictures ignore me. 

    p.s. international beauty brides only call themselves that on their website, for some weird reason their google name is Boston Brides.

    p.p.s.  my make up artist is the, her website is raggedy as shit because she's so busy being the that she doesn't pay it any attention, but when I call, she's there.   I say all that to say, before you write em of your will for good, see if Calvina will pick up her phone:   Calvina Strothers 617.283.0032

    updates, we want updates!  ;-)   good luck!

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