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I'm doing a 6 month "DietBet", so trying my damnedest to eat better and workout. Trying to do a bit more vegetarian, and lots of very lean proteins (especially game meats.)
For lunch is red lentil "hummus"  with raw veggies for dipping (cucumbers, carrots, and green pepper) and fruit salad

The "hummus" is very good - essentially substitute chickpeas with red lentils. I think I may try adding roasted red peppers next time. 

Dinner: I have short grain brown rice and green lentils cooked, so thinking of making vegetarian tacos on whole wheat tortillas. I need something fast so I don't miss the Pens/Jackets game 6. 


  • I haven't eaten a real meal since dinner last night.  I have no idea what we're going to do about dinner tonight.  DefConn is currently asleep at my feet and I haven't gotten dressed at all today.  I've done a lot of nothing today.  I need to snap out of this funk.  I hate feeling defeated like this.  :( 
  • I'm making raw veggie tostadas for dinner:
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    urgle, I'm on 'solidarity diet' w/ the Mr.  So I'm refusing to answer this because I'm grumpy about it.
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    Lunch was leftover chicken tacos. Dinner is leftover steak, baked potato, and green beans. I really need to start watching my diet. Despite 30-45mins of cardio a day I haven't lost a pound or an inch. I am looking forward to summer and getting some outside exercise. We got the bikes and trailer all ready this weekend.
  • We grilled up some salmon and had it on top of an awesome salad (kale, some other dark greens, cukes, peppers, zucchini, broccoli, whatever other veggie I could find).

    Dinner will be some chicken and a side.  It's a little up in the air right now.
  • I'll be eating a nice big salad for dinner, considering the bm dress I tried on only zipped half way, and I refuse to get a larger size.
  • @6fsn - have you tried any of the "muscle confusion" / cross training workouts? I was reading an article that talked about a cardio plateau - despite eating well and doing a cardio workout on a daily basis, people will plateau with weight loss. it's something along the lines of your body just accepts the cardio as the norm and will slow down your metabolism. 

    so far I've been doing interval training on the treadmill, upper body weights, swimming, yoga, and yard work. I'm going to try to add in Zumba on Thursdays (class at our office gym). Once the playoffs are over (or our teams are eliminated), I'm going to get DK to work out with me - T25/Insanity/Jillian Michaels DVDs or karate/kickboxing on our heavy bag. I get bored really quickly, so I need to keep switching it up. 
  • Our game tonight has been cancelled so I'd like to grill burgers and corn on the cob if it doesn't storm later.  I have to save the quick meal we were going to eat for later in the week.

    I've been watching what I eat for about a week now.  I started going to the gym 4-5 days per week in mid-January and only lost a few pounds.  I was down another 3 after just being careful last week (in addition to the gym).  Even though I haven't lost a ton of weight, I have noticed changes in my clothes, especially the ones that are normally a little tight, so I'm feeling encouraged.  These results make it easier for me to remember that it's not all about the scale.

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