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grumble grumble, morning

How was the weekend?  I'm not even sure where ours went.

Friday morning- MIL and sFIL pulled in the drive right as M2 overflowed the toilet.  We had a nice visit with them, but I was spending a lot of it cleaning up and trying to unplug the potty. 

Sat- I took 6let for some one on one shopping.  He has a ton of hand me downs so doesn't get the big piles of basics the others get.  I loaded him up with Ninja Turtle stuff and we stopped for donuts. 

Sat night we had some friends over.  They've always seemed a little odd but nothing I can put my finger on.  It's funny that DH tried to set the husband and I up at one time.  I look and think "thank goodness."

Sunday- We had a 40th bday party.  I haven't helped tap a keg in a long time.  Sunday night I realized 6let had zero jeans without holes in the knees.  So I hit some onine shopping. 

$85 got me:

6let: 4 pairs of jeans, sunglasses, pjs
M2: 2 pairs of pjs
Max: 4 long sleeved tops, 4 short sleeved, 2 pairs pjs.

I hope that's it for summer.

Re: grumble grumble, morning

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    Overflowing toilets are one of my biggest fears. I feel like I'm gonna pass out whenever anything untoward happens that's toilet related. I'm also terrified of toilet tanks -- husband gives me all kinds of grief for that, heh.

    On Friday night, one of our friends came into town. Husband was on call and super moody because of it, so dinner was mostly him moping, especially when his burrito at the new Mexican place in East Nashville had onions in it. It's a Mexican place and your ordered something with chicken. Of course it's gonna have onions and peppers. His lag and moping made me miss the first part of the Mozart night at the symphony, so I had to go back on Saturday to catch it because it was the symphony I really wanted to hear.

    On Saturday, we protested! Lots of fun seeing friends. Afterwards, we picked up mopey pants and got sushi and Sonic. He was less gloomy after hanging out over dinner.

    Yesterday, we were home all day watching Bob's Burgers and playing video games.

    Today, the weather is nasty. It was supposed to be nasty a lot later in the day, but it looks like everything's going to be getting here right before I leave work, so it'll be a lovely drive home. I'm super sad because it was supposed to get nasty after I got home, so now the dogs are gonna be alone during the worst of it. Dog mom failure.

  • I love the shopping scores.  I'm hoping for some awesome deals this week.  Son and DD1 have zero summer clothes.  No exaggeration.

    Our weekend was all baseball.  Friday night DH took DD2 to Son's game while I stayed home with DD1 (the doctor said her ears are not infected, the quick strep test came back negative ((we're supposed to hear the lab results today)) and we came away with claritin.  DH and I were initially not satisfied with the allergy diagnosis, but our doc hasn't been wrong in 12 years and she IS back to her normal self).

    Saturday and Sunday we were at a baseball tourney.  Our team did really well but did not make it to the championship.  We were happy that if we weren't going to win the tourney we could at least get home before the storms hit.

    All bias and AWing aside, Son is probably the best 12 yo pitcher in our city, if not the metropolitan area.  I would never say this out loud to anyone other than DH and family, who all talk about it regularly, so as not to be THAT parent.

  • Oh! DD2 did amazingly with her PT at the tourney.  She didn't pee in her pull-up once (we usually have her in panties at home but since we were going to be gone we had her in pull-ups) and told us when she had to pee every time.  It was the first time she'd done that in public.

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    @tawillers- I hit the Children's Place.  They are having 40% off everything.  I got the long sleeved stuff for $3 and the denim for under $10.  If you go through shopdiscover you also get 5% back.
  • Thanks! I got some CP stuff last summer and it seemed to hold up well.  I'll check it out today.

  • Well, the first half of our trip to see BIL/SIL was good.  SIL and I took DefConn to the zoo.  We hung out and the weather was beautiful Saturday afternoon/evening. 

    Stop reading now if you don't want to be grossed out...

    DefConn got really cranky and whiny and fell asleep on the couch 7.  He woke up a little over an hour later, puking.  He puked on and off all night.  We ran into horrific traffic on the way home yesterday.  DefConn also puked twice in the car.   A 5 hour drive took about 8.  

    DefConn puked in his sleep last night, but didn't wake up.  I found it all over his hair and his PJ sleeve just a few minutes ago.  I stripped his bed.  He's super pathetic.  He wants to eat, but is gagging a lot.  

    DH was told there's no negotiation on the offer.  And the job he interviewed for this morning is 2nd shift and a paycut.  But they really like him.  So yeah.  Everything is awesome.

    It will get better, but I wish I could start drinking now. 
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    Thursday, I skipped work because my foot was numb and I didn't want to drive--but the toe surgery was fine, NBD

    Friday I started the day w/ dental work...then did a lot of nothing.

    Saturday I volunteered something like 8 hours, squinting at spreadsheets, being a friendly voice, and making sure scores for the big state event were correct.  By the time I got the chid into bed, she was exhausted.

    After all that, I was NOT up for Sunday church--Buffy and I planted seeds in cups in my mini greenhouse and we didn't do a lot, other than some yard work.  Oh, and a 'walk in the woods'.  It's amazing how 20'^2 is 'a woods' to a kid :)
    But I've been trying to teach her things about plants and trees, before the poison ivy comes out this spring.
  • Oh and there's no food in my house, but there's no way I'm taking a pukey kid to the grocery store.  

    I'm hoping DH can get home at a reasonable hour, but that's not likely since he went to the interview this morning and got into work late.  ::le sigh::
  • I was a nice weekend. Happy hour with my sister(which included a long sisterly talk that was much needed.)


    I went for a nice walk in the park since it didn't storm like the news told us it was going to do all week. I also did some deep cleaning. That's about it.

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    oh, also, we're in the midst of three-year-old tantrums.
    Guess whose child was in a time out still at 10:30 last night?  (She had gone to bed by 8.  but she was up and shouting at people and refusing to use words and all around trying patience.)

    She got one before we left the house today too.  And came *this close* to getting one @ grandpa's house before I dropped her off.
  • Oh conn.  ::hugs::  Poor defconn.  I hope he feels better soon.  NO negotiation on the offer?  The whole thing is BS.

    DD1's doctor called.  Her strep test came back positive.  :/

  • Boo strep!  :(

    DefConn is not running a fever, so I'm thinking it's something viral and needs to run its course.  I just want him to stop puking.  He's asleep right now, but when he's awake he just wants to sit on my lap.  He keeps saying, "I'm sick, mama."  Ugh. 
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    poor baby.  And poor you.
    You need a delivery service of good sick foods and vodka.
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    *sprays lysol up in post*

    Wow, sounds like sick kiddos everywhere. Puke, Strep Throat, cranky 3yos.  WOWWW.

    Today will be "short" at work for me, even though I got here at 6:45.  Gotta visitation for H's gma. 

    Weekend was "okay".  H worked a double on Friday and I spent the evening with friends that had a little bonfire at their house.  Was asked, "YOU'RE a project manager!?!" after someone inquired about my job.  Yes, asshat, I am. EABOD.  H got home, we enjoyed a bit of the friday evening funsies, and went to bed.

    Was up for regular Saturday stuff and then left town with my pops for a race. Saturday was race expo, dinner with dad, and general lazing.

    Sunday morning, no racing due to back and weather (rain +40degree temps) but we DID run (which made me crazy happy) and had a quiet breakfast.  Back to town we go.

    It was just a lot of running around this weekend, and sadly the funeral and visitation will be "nice" because it'll hopefully be quiet.
  • So I guess DH's reigional threw a hissy fit and told him he had to pick CA or TX ASAP.  

    Fuck him.  I told DH to apply, because they'll have to fly him out to interview him anyway and that's going to be a process.  He can also throw everything he's got into applying here and go on interviews and whatnot.  He can force them to fire him, but if he applies for positions as he's been told to, I just don't think there's much they can do until he turns down another offer. 

    But seriously, this is fucked up.  I do not understand his regional manager at all. Neither does anyone else.  I hope he's happy with himself when talent walks out the door because he had to be a dick. 
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    I kind of forget why MrConn has to look elsewhere.  Is his plant closing?  I'm sorry everyone is being so dickish.

    @ftrMrsO- I'm sorry for your loss

    @GBCK- 3 is the suck.  I'm sure I looked like a monster in front of the ILs Friday, but M2 was being an asshole and I wasn't going to let it go.

  • weekend was kinda busy but fun. 

    Sat: went out for fro-yo as a treat for good behavior in gymnastics class on Wednesday night. (This is a bribe that I don't mind - the 3-5yo class tends to get distracted easily, which then results in time-outs for not listening to the teachers. Ice cream is a bribe for 0 time outs in a 1 hour class. It works pretty well.) Did ~3-4 hours of landscaping after we got home - DK and I were trimming back some of the massive trees on our property. Showered, watched part of the hockey game (go Pens!) and went out with some of my mom friends for a movie (The Other Woman) and drinks. Got home at ~1am and finished watching the hockey game. 

    Sun: Took Wolverine swimming in our pool. I'm trying to teach her to swim this summer (no floaties) so there was a lot of freaking out. (The neighbors probably thought I was trying to kill her.) She really wants to learn, but for some reason has this irrational fear that she will "fall down the drain." I put her in a "transitional" floatie that doesn't offer as much support as her other one, and had her holding on to a piece of foam and kicking around the pool. also got her to use her hands to paddle a little. we were fairly lazy the rest of the day. I did some cooking, and we watched GOT. 
  • His position at his plant was only budgeted for 18-24 months.  It comes out of the regional budget, not the plant budget.  His regional is likely pushing to get DH's salary off of his budget sooner than later and that's why the pressure is being applied for DH to look for another job,  

    We knew this when he was offered the position, BUT we were told that relocation wasn't out there until 18-24 months.  This fact was reconfirmed late last year by his regional (who told him point blank that he didn't think DH should pursue relocation until after this summer). They came to us after 11 months to ask that DH relocate.  We were on board until they gave him a shit offer and now his regional is mad that DH turned down the offer and basically retaliating.  

    DH needs to play the game, apply for other plants, and basically let them force him out and hopefully he'll find another job before that happens.  OR he'll get a better offer for TX or CA. 

    I feel like his regional has some issue with DH.  He's well liked and regarded in his plant and has made an impression on a national audience when they have had tours with higher ups.  I'm not sure what his regional manager's issue is, but whatever.  At this point, if we're going to stay with his company...I'd rather see him working for a different regional manager. 
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    ahhhhh.  I'm not sure how I missed all of the pieces so thanks for clearing it up.
  • Also, I just remembered that when DH was on his big project...his salary was paid out of the project's budget.  SO, his regional manager does not want to bring DH's salary back to his budget.  It's all making a lot more sense now. 
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    Blergh.  6let has been having some on going breathing/coughing issues.  The pedi just called and she thinks he might have asthma. I know it's not a huge deal, but blergh.  We start inhaler treatments twice a day.

  • Doing okay.  I walked into a Diva situation right at 8:30 am this morning.  I'm so over it, I just started laughing.  He's exhausting.  Right now, he's not a big enough "con" to make me leave, but I don't see myself retiring from here anymore.  Which is sad, I really love everything else about this job.

    I spent the weekend relaxing basically.  Slept, drank some wine, read some books and basically re-aligned myself somewhat.  Work has been war and my patience is wearing thin.  Talked to Mom, only to realize how really sick she had been b/c she remembers almost nothing about going to the doctor's on Wednesday; she really doesn't remember much of last week.  :/
  • @VarunaTT is Diva a partner?
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    Also, I just remembered that when DH was on his big project...his salary was paid out of the project's budget.  SO, his regional manager does not want to bring DH's salary back to his budget.  It's all making a lot more sense now. 
    I just want to wish you the best. I just went through the job finding process and know how stressful it can be. I really hope this all works out peacefully and with much less stress for you. 

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