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April Wedding and already exhausted! (Vent)

We have have a small wedding of 36 guests. I never knew how much work this would be for even a small event. Every time I cross another task from the Knot planner 10 more pop up. I still haven't lost the weight I wanted to lose and I just feel old and fat. I keep asking myself "Why did we just not elope?" Are anyone else feeling like this?

Re: April Wedding and already exhausted! (Vent)

  • @benfield72

    I felt like that but I took a step back from planning. I told myself that it doesn't matter what my size or weight is because my fiance loves me for me. Your fiance / future husband loves you for who you are and that includes what you weigh. 

    As for the planning, put it aside for 2 or 3 days or so. Take a break and don't talk about the wedding in any excessive detail. Then come back to it after a couple days. It will be easier. 

    If there's anyway I can help, feel free to message me.
  • I knew a girl at work planning a wedding around te same time I was planning mine. She got so stressed at the wedding posts about being behind she eloped. Don't let what others aredoing stress you out. So sit back and think what is really important you. Maybe evite invitiations to get rid of that stress, ... As fars as weight, don't stress He is marring you as you are. Use friends and family around you for advise on who to use for thigs lie altering, cakes, etc if those items are still needed/wanted.
  • One more thing. I was never on the knot/wedding channel schedule. I made my own that I thought was more realistic. I only had 6 months to plan a wedding and we did everything ourselves (even wrote the ceremony from googled items) except catering. We have family with a restaurant for that.
  •   I did feel the same way, That's why we went from 120 guest list to under 20 (immediate family only). we also wanted to get married at Disneyland and their packages include everything but photography. I can hire a photographer and then show up in a dress! Once we decided to go that route getting married became much more fun!
  • We are now under the 30 day mark and I just had to give up control and just hoping for the best... Thank God for Spring Break... I have a week for the final touches...
  • Firstly try to have fun it’s your wedding I know how hectic these wedding’s are but try to take out some time ,the day and nights are much bigger try doing your weight loosing regime at night or early morning that’s how most of the people schedule their daily regime of workout.

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