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Hey Everyone,

I won 150 dollars to Fantastic Finds at the last bridal show, I live in GR and was just wondering what people thought of the place. Are the prices resonable? Whenever I get something like this I feel like its just a gimmick...let me know what you guys think!

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    i my dress there. I have an Essence of Australia dress - they are the only shop in the area to carry them. I would check it out if I were you - they have a huge selection of dresses, and it is truly an experience to go in there. It is really what "service"is all about. See my bio if you want to see pics of my dress!
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    That's where I found my dress. The service was OUTSTANDING! They took care of me and my bridesmaids and made the experience special.  They have a huge selection and lots of off the rack dresses that are inexpensive! Definitly make an appointment though, because they are busy!! Good luck :o)
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