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Alcohol help- how much to plan for!

Does anyone have tips on good resources to go to in order to plan my alcohol budget? We are having 200 guests and will get two kegs, but I'm struggling with how many wine bottles to allot for? 80? And is there a calculator for an open bar. We are doing open cocktails for one hour and then beer and wine the rest of the night. Thanks in advance!

Re: Alcohol help- how much to plan for!

  • There's a calculator here (<--clicky).  It's generally assumed that with mixed drinks available, 50% of your guests will drink beer, 30% will drink wine and 20% will do mixed drinks.  Without cocktails available, it's 60% beer and 40% wine.  So use their formal to calculate one hour of drinks with all three, and your remaining time with just beer and wine. 

    If it were me, I would think about whether or not the one hour with cocktails is necessary.  Some people may be disappointed to find out their preferred drink is only available for an hour.  And some people don't like to switch from liquor to beer or wine.  You might just want to go with beer and wine only.

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    Thank you so much! This helps a TON!! And I am considering going the beer and wine route, but don't want to appear cheap!
  • emmyg65emmyg65 member
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    Beer and wine only is not cheap. If you're really concerned (which you shouldn't be!) you can offer a signature drink as well. But whatever you offer should be available all night.
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    I have no idea about the prices, but generally one bottle of wine is for to 3 persons (2 glasses per person)
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