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Any Bear Mountain Brides out there? My fiance and I are getting married there in September and are trying to schedule our tasting/walk-through. Since we've booked, they're now on Catering Manager number 3 and I am not up-to-date on the contact info. I've left a phone message, but I've read mixed reviews about Chris' (no. 3) responsiveness :( Anyone have an email for him that they could PM me? 

Keeping my fingers crossed that the next 8 months aren't a nightmare (and that we don't have to deal with no. 4+)! 

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  • Also, sorry for the dumb username, which is a remnant from an account made more than 7 years ago! My name is Barbara (i.e., real person). 

    If someone can tell me how to change my username, I would be very appreciative! 
  • i'm getting married at the overlook lodge, but working with Dina - who is always responsive to me.  sorry I can't help you with Chris' info :(



  • Could you share Dina's info? Honestly, I don't know who I'm supposed to be contacting. I booked with Ann Marie, and when she left, she referred me to Dana, and now she left without referring me to anyone! I'm just trying to get a hold of *someone* in catering since two weeks of trying to reach them (through generic email, telephone messages, and facebook) I still have no response. 
  • @blah888 - just sent you the info.  hope it helps!


  • I'm getting married at Bear Mountain Inn on May 31. I had Dina at first as well, but she no longer works there. My contact now is Brittany. Let me know if you'd like her info. She's very responsive and helpful.
  • Let me know how it all works out-- I had trouble with this too, I'm getting married there on October 18th.  I originally booked with Dina and then she left and no one told me! I tried for weeks to reach her and finally ended up having to call the front desk to ask what the hell was going on.  I had a meeting with Chris and we did our tasting with Brittany who was very sweet and helpful --pray all goes as planned.  
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    Well our wedding is this Saturday and so far communication's been fine. I heard from two people that they've been guests at a wedding at BMI and they thought everything was great. I will post after the wedding to let you know how it went.
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    @ddvirts and @jill091886 My wedding was there last Friday!! We had it at the Overlook Lodge.  Besides no one telling me Dina left, everything went perfectly.   Brittany was responsive, accomodating, helpful.   Everyone there did a great great, views are amazing....   I was worried about booking rooms, since that was the negative that I had read online prior to the wedding, but we had no issues.  We only had a few people stay over, but there where no issues and I received updates as to who booked rooms and when my block would be released to the public. 

    Good luck to you both, hope you have the same great experience I did!

  • To those of you that have had your weddings already. Did you have your ceremony onsite as well? Was there people at the park playing loud music while BBQ'ing? Have a friend getting married there next year and that's a concern. It's an early summer wedding. I know the park is open to the public, but does the BMI have control of non guests and the noise?
  • Knottie42500659  I didn't have my ceremony there, but was told since it is open to the public that there could be people walking through. Do you know where at the park the ceremony is taking place?   If its at the Overlook Lodge (there is a patio area over there) then I highly doubt anyone will be interferring its pretty secluded.      Also, I think it would depend on day - I am not sure what time they close but we took pictures at the park around 6PM and there were not many people around (late may) 
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