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Radio Wedding Chatter this AM

So this morning I went with FI to his work and drove his car home b/c after work, he's going to the airport and flying to his home state for his bachelor party (they're going ziplining! I'm slightly jealous).  On the radio, they were talking about an e-mail a girl had sent in.

Basically, she was asked to be in four weddings already this year and said she's tired of it (I can understand that: the parties, the travel, the gifts, the dresses, etc. all adds up).  She said she was thinking about sending all her sorority sisters, cousins, girlfriends, etc. an e-mail that says, "I love you all dearly, but please don't ask me to be in your weddings," because she just "can't so no!" to all her loved ones.  As in, before she even knows any of them are getting married, she wants to tell them that she won't be in their weddings right off the bat.

Um first off, that's assuming that they would even ask you to begin with.
Second, grow a pair of lady balls and learn to say the word NO to people.
Also, what does she think will happen when it's a wedding that she actually does want to be a part of and the bride really does want her in it?  She won't ask because she was already told not to..

I tried calling the station for about 30 minutes, but eventually the busy signal got too annoying.  


Re: Radio Wedding Chatter this AM

  • Yeah, 'no' is not a four-letter word, and it's OK to say 'no' to a friend, whether she's asking you if you want to have dinner on Friday and you really just want to eat pizza in your PJs or she's asking you to be a BM in her wedding and you really don't want to because ZOMG you already have four weddings this year.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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