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Aloha Tower vs. Kualoa Ranch Wedding?

Hi All, 

I'vs been lurking for a few months but have a questions - my fiance and I are trying to decide between two places, Aloha Tower and Kualoa Ranch, for our ceremony/reception. 

Wondering if anyone has had experience with either location and can offer some insight. We've visited both places and love them both - but just need an outside opinion.


Re: Aloha Tower vs. Kualoa Ranch Wedding?

  • moozumumoozumu member
    edited December 2011
    Well I may be a bit biased because I live close to Kualoa, and I love the country. But Def Kualoa.

    Its so beautiful there and they have a few different locations which are all quite breathtaking.

    Plus I would hate to get married in a place where there is a possibility of drunk Hooters patrons stumbling into my wedding.

    I don't know how soon you have to decied but I am going to a wedding at Kualoa on july 3rd and will be happy to report back.

    HTH ;)
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    What do you like about each of those places? I ask because they seem to each have such different vibes.
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    Oh! And welcome to the land of posting!! Laughing It's always nice to see the lurkers come out of the wood work!
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    I just got married at Kualoa 2 weeks ago at the Secret Island/Molii Gardens location and it was absolutely amazing and everything I could have hoped for.  As you know, the location is really lush and beautiful, so you really don't need a whole lot of decor to make it look good.  However, you do have to bring in everything, so that does bring the cost up. 

    All of our guests, both locals and from the mainland, said that it was one of the most beautiful weddings they had attended.  Everyone thought that the location was really special.

    We also looked at Aloha Tower.  The history of the place gives it a lot of charm, but I had the same concern as mentioned in the PP about drunk patrons of Hooters and Bikinis Cantina stumbing in to the ceremony.  It just didn't seem like it would be that private.  Kualoa, in contrast, is really, reallly private, and one of the few locations in Hawaii that you can get married on the beach without a bunch of on-lookers.

    I'm happy to tell you more about our experience if it helps.  If you want to chat more, feel free to email me at mo_ecuador at yahoo.

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    Thanks for the feedback all - they are completely different spaces and I think what I liked about Aloha Tower is that there's a lot more "built-in" support than Kualoa. Especially if you go through Chai's for catering. I thought about the drunken Hooters and Bikinis friends that may troupe through, but they do set up stantions and have security on-hand so not too worried about that. 

    That being said, Kualoa is by far much more scenic. So it's basically do I want quirky with more support (Aloha Tower) or more scenic and less support (Kualoa). I'm leaning more towards Aloha Tower because I like things streamlined and done for me - who needs more stress. Also because it's a relatively "new" venue for weddings - so cost wise, it's still very affordable.

     I'm wondering if anyone has any experience working with the folks at Aloha Tower for some insight?
  • Lani808Lani808 member
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    ALOHA TOWER!!!!  I wanted a venue thats totally different and I love that urban feel.  Those who got married there raves about the catering and rates.

    I might be a little to late te respond, but i'm planning my Aloha Tower wedding from L.A. and have been working with Crystal.  She's a bit buy but I found it fast for me to get a hold of her by email. 

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