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How was the weekend?  We were busy and I feel a little rotten that I ended up taking a nap on Father's Day while DH did yardwork, but I wasn't feeling well.

Thursday is colonoscopy day.  The surgeon's office is being annoying.  I waited 2 weeks to get the 9 am slot, that got pushed to 1030 then to 11.  They've also had he FML paperwork since the 4th and still haven't filed it.

Max got new croc knock offs and he's obsessed.  I have to sneak them out of the crib after he falls asleep.


Re: Morning

  • The weekend was great.

    Saturday we went to our niece's 2nd birthday party.  I just love getting together with my family.  I miss them.  My sister officially asked me and the two SsIL to be in her wedding party:


    Yesterday we gave DH his gifts, a new hat and a nose-hair trimmer he desperately needed.  His old one broke and I was on trim duty (<not dirty) for a long time.  Sticking scissors up his nose was really nerve wracking.

    Then we traveled ~an hour to a Mississippi river museum.  We always have a good time there.

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    What a cute way to ask!
  • Awww.  That's sweet and I love that stuff (Verdi) for a little treat.  :)

    Weekend was...crazed.  

    Friday-I was in the office for the day.  My mom got the kids from the sitter for me.  DH's flight was canceled.  They weren't going to get them home via flying until 1pm on Saturday.  DH and his co-worker said, "Eff that!", rented a car, and drove home (it's a 5.5 hour drive).  They got home about midnight.  I went to meet DH so his co-worker didn't have to drive him all the way up to our house.  

    Saturday-After sleeping very little, my parents came over so my mom could take us to look at houses.  We first rented a car since mine is still in the shop and that was an ordeal.  People are so weird when it comes to renting cars.  Once we got back from house hunting, we went to my IL's for dinner/Father's Day stuff.  It was OK. 

    Sunday-DH and the kiddo went to the shooting range.   We went to my parent's house for dinner.  

    I need to relax about this house stuff.  It's stressing me the hell out.  But I'm just so ready to get ours on the market and find a new one.   Also, DH and I are butting heads on where and how much to spend (we're getting pre-approved for way more than we anticipate spending, but I'd rather have the flexibility).  It will all work out.  But GAH in the meantime.  ;) 

  • I feel so so crappy.  Grass is high and weeds are at moderate levels, so my allergies are just miserable.  My left eye actually swelled shut last night and is still swollen this morning.  I had to take a Benadryl and that just leaves me so hung over.  I really wanted to stay home from work, but I can work, I'm just fuzzy and slow.  I'd rather keep my sick time for really sick.

    DH and I spent the weekend sleeping after my week from hell and his fundraiser (in which he was basically up and on his feet for 22 hours straight).  All I did was read and drink wine.  We went to my parents for a bit on Sunday for Father's Day, but that was it.
  • Good luck today 6.  

    And the crocs thing is hilarious.  I just bought a new pair for DefConn this weekend.  They're grey and lime green and have a monster face.  I couldn't resist since Meijer was doing BOGO for $1. I also got him some closed toe Carter's sandals. 
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    Holy shiz. 

    Friday morning I was brought into boss's office with his wife.  I was told that I wasn't given a fair shake and given an apology for lack of training.  And then they told me they were letting immediate boss go.

    *heart attack*  This is the guy that I've worked with off and on since I was 15.  Even though he annoyed the hell out of me, he's been a mentor-ish guy for a while.  I understood their motivation for getting rid of him, but it doesn't make me feel any better about the direction of the company I work for and what to expect.

    I'm doing the safe thing of just showing up and doing my job and also taking care of #1 first.  It's hard because I just want to sit here and keep saying "WTF!?!" but that won't get any work done, so I work.  *mini strop*

    That whole thing, put my weekend on a weird spin.  I tried my hardest to just have a good weekend.

    Friday night I went out with H and his coworkers, Saturday H and I ended up meeting one of his other coworkers and a friend out on bikes.  We (me, H had to work later) drank and rode bikes for hours.  I had 4 beers in very little mileage.  It was aweseome.  I managed to actually go grocery shopping later, and H worked until 4 am Sunday.

    Sunday I got up, ran my miles for the day and then sat around allll day.  Again, awesome.

    So really, my friday was full of wtf-ness and my weekend was awesome. A weird trade-off.

  • Oh, I forgot!

    Saturday night DH wanted to take me out for my birthday.  We tried a new place in the downtown area that I'd been bugging him to try (The area, that is.  I didn't care about the restaurant, I just wanted the riverfront ambiance).  It was awesome.  He can't stop talking about his meal and mine was great as well.  We'll definitely be going back.

    After dinner we rented a movie and cuddled up at home.

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    whoa frtmrso.  I hope things level out soon.  What a terrible position.

    @mrs.conn23- that's were we get our crocs.  I wait for the $1 sale and get the kids set for summer.  They last about a year and with the strap off the back can "make due" into the next.

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