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Vent: I think our plumber may be kind of a dick

We're on Day 2 of this project, hopefully the last day (excluding having our 14 drywall holes patched and painted over).  Dude calls me this morning, and as if we were in the middle of a conversation, he starts with "We won't be able to use the 3/8" pipe so we're going through the ceiling."

Me:  "I'm sorry, what's the issue with the 3/8" pipe?"
Him:  "I already talked to your husband about it yesterday."
Me:  "Okay, well, he and I didn't discuss a 3/8" pipe--what's up?" [basically, DH's and my conversation last night boiled down to "he found the leak and he's coming back tomorrow to fix it"]
Him:  "[long explanation], so we're going through the ceiling instead."
Me:  "So I'm trying to envision the new pipe going to come down through the wall by the window, or over by the dishwasher?"
Him:  "I already talked about it with your husband."
Me:  "And now you're talking about it with me, so...?"  <-- at this point, I was getting irritated.

DH is not a plumber, and details are not his thing.  So I would be impressed if DH retained 10% of their conversation and managed to pass it along to me.  And not having much plumbing knowledge myself (though more than I'd like, at this point), I didn't even know what to ask DH--I'm not like "So what happens if the ID of the polybutylene pipe is 1/16" narrower than that of an equivalently sized copper pipe?"  So I can kind of see why Plumber thought he'd covered it, but if someone asks you a simple question about a job you're doing for her, is it that burdensome to answer it?  Especially if you haven't spoken to her directly. 

To top it off, I called DH at work to fill him in, and when I got to the part about window-wall vs. dishwasher-wall, he said, "The last time I talked to Plumber, he said he didn't know which one they'd have to use, he had to get in there and see exactly where the pipes were and what else was nearby."  So apparently Plumber really hadn't already addressed the which-wall question.  So suck it.

We're up to $2300 for the leak detection and repair, and we'll probably be closing in on $3000 by the time our 14 drywall holes are patched and painted.  Yay.  

Re: Vent: I think our plumber may be kind of a dick

  • Maybe he's one of those douchecanoes who doesn't like talking to women?
  • scribe95 said:
    Slightly annoying but I guess if I was a vendor I would be annoyed to relay everything twice. Also, it is true with plumbing that sometimes you have to get in the walls and see what works best.
    I actually thought about that.  It's a fair point.  But then don't call DH one day and me the next:  pick one person and talk to that person every time.  Because honestly, it's hard relying on secondhand info, especially if the person relaying it isn't as familiar with the subject as the original person.

    As for the walls, totally agreed, makes sense to me.  So then don't give me attitude about having told my husband if you actually don't know, you know?
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    Last I checked, YOU were the customer and if you wanted him to do the work WHILE pointing it out to you step by step and you pay for it, it should be done. 
  • I'm going to stand by my original impression.  He called again to say they were done (yay!), and then said that they moved our main shutoff from its original location.  "Okay, where is it now?" I asked.  "I can call your husband and explain it," he replied.  Explain it?  So I told him as long as he'd called me, he could just tell me and I'd be sure to relay it.  Answer:  behind the washing machine.  As explanations go, pretty simple.

    So not to beat this dead horse, but the thing that really gets me is that in every single instance, he called me.  I never called him.  So if you don't want to talk to me, then fine, great, but don't call me and tell me to talk to DH.  DH is sitting in his office, same as me--you managed to call him yesterday, so if you prefer to deal with him, then stop calling me.

    I don't know why I'm so hung up on this:  he's not the greatest person I've ever dealt with, but it's not like he ran over my puppy or something.  Probably just tired, and fed up with the plumbing thing, and not in the mood for mansplaining right now.

    To make up for being grumpy and going on about this for longer than it deserved, I leave you this:

    “Bear Falls Through Skylight Into Party, Eats All the Cupcakes”

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    I get you. I would be frustrated. I would be overseeing house work, because I'm a lot more detail oriented than FI and I'm an engineer. I have studied some of this stuff (electrical wiring at least) and fix things in my house growing up and in my apartments regularly. It is far easier for me to understand this than FI and he wouldn't understand the little details, but I've noticed that contractors, plumbers, etc. feel a lot more uncomfortable explaining it to me than him (in general).

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    "I'm paying you, tell me what's going on or I'll find a new plumber that will"

    Maybe I'm just crabby today. It feels like because you are the woman he thinks it's not worth his time. I had a mechanic do that once and I busied myself showing him that I do, in fact, know what the hell is inside a car engine. 

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  • #1 pet peeve is when people think I know nothing about cars, fixing plumbing, electrical, my actual job etc. because I'm a woman.
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    Yep, sounds like a dick.  Hopefully he gets the work done and gets out.

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