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Ok so I am a southern girl through and through so i wanted my wedding reception to reflect that; mason jars, rustic decor...the whole nine yards. but my fiance is a city boy and a deputy on the sheriffs office. he wants a cop theme. although i am not thrilled about anything cop being part of the wedding this is his wedding too and compromise is part of any relationship so i came up with a great compromise. he wants cop and he is a county deputy so i am using county to get in the rustic things i want while adding cop themes in too. our wedding attire is going to be royal blue and black to represent the thin blue line, we are have a 'ring security officer', and our centerpieces are mason jars with burlap tablecloths and blue place settings. but now here comes the problem all the work im doing is now coming up with more rustic than cop. any suggestions on how i can add more cop to a steadily more rustic wedding?

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  • This makes me with Hmo was still around.  :) 

  • I can see two themes (essentially what this is) being hard to pull off.  Why not just have a few things harken to his cop theme?  Like a groom's cake, or as you said the colours.  It doesn't have to be huge things, just little things that make a difference.
    And ask him for ideas, but take them with a grain of salt - if you FI is anything like my SO, he can be clueless when it comes to weddings and what will work and what is insane. 

  • Southern country + cop = Mayberry!!

    Just have an open bar, you'll get an Otis the town drunk in no time.

    Or borrow the bachelorette party police officer "entertainment" for an encore performance at the reception.

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    Why not a cop cake topper?  Here is a list of ones from etsy: clikcy.
  • I did a quick Pinterest search for Cop Wedding and saw some cute idea which may spur your cretativiy.  Here's a few:
    Wood badge shaped place cards-
  • I think there's room to compromise on this one.  I searched for "old west themed wedding" on pinterest and found a few good ideas.  Someone did an engagement shoot with the groom dressed as a sheriff and you could use those photos at the wedding.  Someone made "wanted" posters and used them for invitations. 

    When I searched pinterest for "western themed weddings" I found cozy cup favors with "wanted" posters on them.  You could have a photo booth with mustaches, sheriff badges, cowboy hats, etc.  There are also super cool groomsmen's gifts that are bullet cufflinks.  Search for "western themed photobooth props" on etsy, and the cufflinks are on etsy too. 

    This seems like a good way to have country and law enforcement in the same wedding theme?
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