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so i am looking at wedidng favors i want to get something local as in purchase i will be saving some money and helping out a local business. i was looking into mini wine bottles there is a place in southington where you can purchase and make your own wine and then bottle it up one batch of wine would get me 120 mini bottles but with the cost of wine and the bottles i am looking at spending about over 300 on that. 

i am not ready to give up the mini bottles but i was only looking to spend around 150, 200 would be max top of budget on favors. does anyone know where i can get 120-125 mini bottles of wine in bulk? 

Re: mini wine bottle favors

  • I remember helping a friend look last year and the cheapest mini wine we found was 2.99 a bottle, plus tax and shipping.  I think there was a small discount for buying by cases of 48 (I think the total for 96 of them was around $260 before tax and shipping).

    I wonder if there's anywhere you can get the empty bottles and fill them yourselves with local wine?  I know it's kind of a project at that point but if you have your heart set on mini wine it might help keep you on budget.  Or maybe try to contact CT vineyards (there's a list at, they might be able to do something less expensive or at least save you the shipping if you can pick them up.  Good luck!
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  • Check out Cork & Brew in Southington,CT. We caught a SaveNow CT deal and are making our own as favors  and I think they offer mini bottles. 
    Good luck!
  • @srodger i did check out cork and brew but it would come out to almost 300 and thats using one of the lesser expensive wines way over my budger 
  • I want to getc mini wine bottles any one know a good site to use?
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