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Shoes for my dress.. Can't decide on a color!

I cant decide if I should do coral shoes, for the pop of color, or just stick with champagne/beige shoes for my dress. My girls are all wearing coral, with champagne/beige/gold shoes.. Decisions Decisions.. 

Re: Shoes for my dress.. Can't decide on a color!

  • CORAL! but thats because I love coral. I love the colors you have chosen
  • Thank you! I love coral too! My closet is filled with coral and turquoise pieces. I may be borderline obsessed :P 
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    It sounds like you have a lot of coral pieces already! Do you already own something that will work well with your dress? Personally I love a little pop of color with your wedding dress but I also think a pair of champagne shoes would look very pretty. I'm doing mostly a neutral color palette so I bought a pair of champagney almost antique gold colored shoes.

  • I've all for a pop of color! My shoes are blue!  I guess it depends on what you want your pictures to say 10 years from now.  Are you going for a classic, timeless look?  If so, the pop of color may not be a good idea, as it is trendy and may fall out of trend over time.  I personally am going for a vintage feel, but I still wanted it to be fun.  I'm adding pearl and rhinestone shoe clips on my shoes for my "timeless" aspect, but I still get the fun and on-trend aspect too!

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  • BlergbotBlergbot An enchanted land member
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    I vote pop of color. My shoes are kelly green :)
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I would go with 'what are you more likely to wear again'.

  • I never was thinking to do a different color. Thanks for the idea! I might just go with matching my bridesmaid's dresses with my shoes. Cute idea. I think you should go with the coral shoes.
  • I'm boring and didnt go with a different colored shoe to go with my dress. I went with an ivory laced shoe to match. I'm not big on wearing heels, but I got them to wear for my ceremony. After the ceremony, I am ditching them and then slipping into a pair of ivory laced flats that I purchased as well. I'm all about the comfort!
  • I have an ivory dress and I hate heels. I am thinking brown cowboy boots or purple converse.
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  • I can't wear heels because I have a bad back.  Soooo, I'm going with blue flip flops.


  • I am wearing black very low heels. The Kelly & Katie Courtny pump! I have to find heel pads since one foot seems to be a little smaller then the other :). Its a little over a 2inch heel. My FH is only about 4 or so inches taller then me so they are perfect.


  • kebebbkebebb member
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    I have a pair of kind of neutral, sparkly flats. They're boring and I don't really like them. Fiance is maybe an inch or two taller than me, which gets in the way of my obsession with high heels. I haven't decided if I'm going to stick with my boring shoes or go shoe shopping again.
  • bekt14bekt14 member
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    I had the same dilemma. I bought two pairs of heels from DSW- one is the color of the bridesmaid dresses and one is ivory. I like them equally, so I had a mini panic attack at the store because I couldn't decide. Luckily they have a 60 day return policy, so I'll try them both on when going to my dress fitting and then I'll return one.
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