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Transportation question

Our Catholic ceremony starts at 3 and our cockatil hour starts at 6 so we were going to rent the trolley from 2-6 but I really don't think that is enough time. We can add an hour on now but do we make it from 1:30-6:30 or 2-7? I really want to make it in time for part of our cocktail hour but unsure of how long we should allow for pictures. We can add on 1/2 hour increments the day of for the same price as the extra hour now. What would you do?

Re: Transportation question

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    I'm in the exact same boat, but I don't really care to spend a million years taking pictures.  I want to get to cocktail hour and mingle and eat! :-)

    I'm not sure what the question is...if you want to make it in time for cocktail hour, then do it!  I would go 1:30-6:30.....It would make me nervous only allowing an hour before the ceremony for the trolley to arrive & get everyone there.

    Have all of your female/male pictures taken before the ceremony, so you can do group only in between.
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  • MrsPapsMrsPaps member
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    I ended up emailing my photographer and she gave me 2 scenarios which really helped! I wasn't sure how much time to allow for pics after but she said 90 min is plenty and that's not even doing too much before!
  • KVMW9182010KVMW9182010 member
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    Our trolley was from 130 - 530 with our ceremony at 3 and cocktail hour at 6.  We did not take any pictures beforehand and it worked out perfectly.  We had the trolley pick the boys up, then pick the girls up, then take us to our reception location after the ceremony (where we also did pics).
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    We had ceremony start at 3 and cocktail hour start at 6 too - with limo bus before and inbetween.  It all worked out perfectly.  We did girl picts before ceremony and guy picts before too (separately).  Then picts inbetween AND time to drive around and celebrate on the bus (cherish this part) and then get to cocktail hour on time.  Just tell your photographers what you're hoping for and they'll make it happen.

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