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Will people come to a wedding that's a 6-8 hour drive away?

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We're not really having a destination wedding...Our venue is equidistant from his home town and from mine. Our guests are family members, friends, and family friends. 
I'm sure my aunts, uncles, and cousins will come. His might. We're also inviting some of my parents' closest friends who I've known most of my you think they would make the 6 hour drive? It's also in a state park in the mountains (with a ton of activities, so I'm hoping people will stick around to explore it).

TBH, I want the wedding to be as small as possible. I can't not invite some of these people, I would feel bad if I didn't. But if they can't come, I think I'll be just fine.

Re: Will people come to a wedding that's a 6-8 hour drive away?

  • I would say it really depends on your guests. We decided on a DW that's a 12 hour drive from the majority of our guests, feeling the same way. Lots of people we wanted, but didn't necessarily want/need a huge reception. I have to say I'm shocked. Of our 140, over 100 are coming (RSVP deadline is tomorrow so we're about finished). I have to say this is WAAY more than we anticipated, but we're excited.

    Just make sure that it's cool with your VIPs and then hope for the best!
  • You may want to factor time of year / weather in to this question. I wouldn't have an issue with the 6-7 hours as long as I had enough to time off to make a few days of it. But I'd have to really think about it if it was winter in the mountains where I live for example. I live and work in Denver, CO. There's a lot of awesome mountain destinations all over the state, but if going to a wedding in one of them in winter could easily mean getting stuck on the way back because of closed passes - that would really screw things up for us if either of us couldn't make it back in time for work.
  • It will be in the springtime, so probably no weather issues.
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    That people that care most about you will likely make the trip... and many others may also. If I were invited to wedding like that, I would definitely make a long weekend out of it and check out the area. My wedding was in New Orleans, but we had guests come from MI, OR, AZ, FL, and AL.  A lot of our invited guests (aunts/uncles, cousins, etc) weren't able to make the trip, but we made sure all our VIP's (parents, siblings, etc) were able to come before we booked.  As long as your VIP's are able to be there, go ahead with it.


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