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What is with...

all the Facebook chain statuses?

Maybe I'm just mean, but there are some people on mine who have posted these doppelganger pictures and they must seriously be deluded when they look in the mirror. 

Why are all these the rage, anyway?  First the bra colors, all the 'I love my mom' ones...am I missing something?  Am I supposed to think they're cool?

Re: What is with...

  • I just made Shrek my profile picture because of that stupid doppelganger game. At least I think I'm funny.
    Leo says hi. He's...special.
  • I won't post mine because it says I look Alf.

  • Haha, tlv, FI made his Doris Roberts for awhile.
    two years!
    after two losses, now happily expecting baby #1 09.16.12
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  • Sadly, I think the breast cancer bra one set off this chain of chains. It's sad because it seems the big takeaway from that gesture was "hey girls, we can post secret/sexy statuses on FB that will intrigue the boys." Hence the 10 emails from girlfriends I got afterward telling me to post "I hid your grunion in my bathroom because I'm bad to the bone" or whatever message my first name/birthday/favorite color matched up to.

    At least the doppelganger ones are explicit, and I find most people who do post a picture have the decency to at least pretend that they "totally don't think they look like them."

    Taco cat: Always a palindrome. ALWAYS, okay J&K?

    "cool......insult my size 2 body or my natural brown hair...or the fact that my parents own a country club, I have no budget for a wedding, and I have horses. I really dont care. Its better then having roots." ~ futurepivko
  • I didn't realize that the doppleganger thing was going around, and commented on one of my friends that "she looked really pretty with her hair slightly curly".
    Yeah..it was a picture of Christina Ricci...they look that close..I felt dumb
  • Is there an actual application that tells you what celebrity you look like? I thought it was just an excuse for people to be vain and pretend like they are always compared to celebrities.  I'm not, and I think it's dumb, so I'm deciding for myself that I look the most like Shrek.

    I really wish I had thought of Alf first though, that's funnier.
    Leo says hi. He's...special.
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