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Calphalon vs Circulon

Do any of you ladies have an opinion of Calphalon vs Circulon? I'm looking at a roaster to add to the registry and the price of the Circulon is $70 and the Calphalon is $150. I'm wondering what is so great about the Calphalon, or so terrible about the Circulon, that makes this price gap so great. Any thoughts?

Re: Calphalon vs Circulon

  • Calphalon has a better non-stick system and will hold up much better. 
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  • I actually have Circulon and I love them! I just happened to get 2 frying pan set and I loved it so I got a complete set. I don't think you would go wrong with getting Circulon.
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    Calphalon definitely. I know Calphalon has a lifetime warranty (or all their lines but Simply Calphalon do...and i think that is a 10 year warranty) I dont know if Circulon does

  • I registered for Calphalon pans (but hate their utensils, most of those are oxo good I chose)..I LOVE faberware stainless steel but BB&B did not have the type I like (I own a set from a few years back but would like a brand new set to start our new home with)...not familiar with Circulon at all!!!
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  • I prefer Calphalon, as far as materials, but I REALLY don't like the handles on their roasters.  Go to the store to feel them.  The materials in Circulon are just fine, and most people don't use a roaster pan ALL the time anyway, so find one that you're comfortable lifting with 10-15 pounds in it, and something durable.  We actually registered for the "my perfect kitchen" (made by Oneida) stainless steel roaster pan which is only $30 at BB&B.  That's just me though, so do what works best for you!!
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  • Calphalon is better quality...and the customer service from their 800 number is fantastic!
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  • How often are you going to use it?  If you only think you'll use it twice a year for holidays, then get the Circulon or an even cheaper one.  I have a hard time justifying $150 (or even $70) for a pan that would get used so rarely.  We bought an even cheaper roasting pan that was only $50 and it is really nice.

    In general I prefer Calphalon for my pans I use every day.  But for a roaster, I would go with cheaper.  If a guest is generous enough to spend $150 on a gift for us, I'd rather they spend on something that I"d use more often.  And I'd probably never pay that much on my own.
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