Interlaken Inn brides?

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My FI and I stayed at Interlaken last week and took the wedding tour. It's definitely a potential venue for us. Any brides who have gotten married at Interlaken or getting married at Interlaken? Any advice? 

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Re: Interlaken Inn brides?

  • A little late, but we were married there in May 2012. We (and every wedding guest of ours) would 100% recommend it. We were thrilled with the entire process, and loved how easy it was to make the entire weekend very personalized, especially since some of our requests were pretty unique, I'd say. I went into the whole wedding planning thing quite clueless, and can honestly say that I never felt overwhelmed or stressed out, and I feel like a lot of that is thanks to the staff at interlaken. I could go on for hours... Feel free to PM me if you want to hear more gushing, or specific examples of them going above and beyond, or if you have questions :)
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