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Shower Favor Tags

Hi Ladies,

A former "knottie" here.  Long story short, I'm in my cousins wedding and she asked her one cousin to be MOH back when she got engaged.  The cousin said yes but just recently (about a month an a half ago, maybe 2 months tops) told the bride-to-be that she had to step down from the MOH position and that she couldn't do it.  My cousin asked me to step up and be the MaOH.  I was honored.  (B-listed but honored none-the-less...haha).  Anyways, now a few extra responsibilities have fallen on me and I'm having a hard time remembering a few minor details.  Specifically the shower favor tags.  I'm going to write on them, "Thank you for celebrating with us."  Have the bride and grooms names and then do I write their wedding date below or do I write the shower date?

TIA!  I appreciate your help and Good Luck to all of you ladies.  Enjoy this amazing time in your lives.  

Re: Shower Favor Tags

  • I don't know if there is some more PC answer floating around on the etiquette board, but if you are doing favor tags for the shower, then I don't really think you should put the couple's name/date on the tags at all.  Because the thank you is really from the collective "you" who are throwing the shower, which is not the couple.  The thank you line sounds good on its own, IMO.  If it were favor tags for the actual wedding favors then you'd want to include the couple's names and date.
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