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I said yes to my dress! So excited!

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For years before being engaged I lurked in the forums on this site and admired the dresses girls were asking opinions on or had already said yes to. Since getting engaged I've still admired the pretty dresses you ladies have posted.

I'm so excited to finally get to share my dress with everyone! I just bought it today and apparently it's discontinued so I was able to purchase the sample for 50% off and the bridal consultant told my mom and I the dress had barely been out of its bag because a lot of people were intimidated by its fullness... which is one of many things I love about it! I believe her that it's barely been touched because it's definitely not beat up like a lot of other samples I've seen or tried on.

It's Allure Bridal C166. It has beading and bling and flowers in the skirt that have white ostrich feathers coming out of them. The sample was almost a perfect fit (needs to be taken in at the bust) and when I put it on I didn't want to take it off :) I saw it on for the first time and was like OMG. Also the funny thing is I saw this exact dress in the exact same store a year ago when I first got engaged and wasn't yet ready to try on dresses. My mom and I at that time had asked what the most outrageous over the top dress they had was and they had pulled the one I ended up buying today (but had forgotten about since seeing it a year ago). Does anyone have a suggestion on a hair piece/veil they'd wear with this dress? 


Re: I said yes to my dress! So excited!

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