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Did people see the 'worst/best baby picture ever'?

^Don't open while eating.  The link makes it self-explanitory and I find it mildly hilarious.

Re: Did people see the 'worst/best baby picture ever'?

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    Every time I see a naked baby in a newborn photo session, I wonder how many times the kid crapped during the shoot.  Because you know it has to happen with 
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    The little smile on that baby's face as he projectile poops is awesome.
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    i question the sanity of newborn photographers who shoot naked babies. (and the cleanliness of their props - even if you manage to make it through the session without your child pooping or peeing on everything, how many other kids have already done so on that prop?)
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    DD pooped and peed during her newborn photos. The photographer, who is a friend, has props (blankets, pillows, etc) that are meant for that sort of abuse. It's plastic lined and washable. She has a local dry cleaner who cleans everything after a shoot. She threw it all into a black garbage bag and said she just drops it off at their place to get it clean. Nothing looked dirty.
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