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Hi everyone. My FI and I are looking into a rustic/barn venue for our October 2015 wedding. I feel like I have researched just about every barn venue in the Pittsburgh area, but all seem to be at least 40 minutes out of the city. The last thing we want is to make transportation difficult for our guests, or to put anyone in danger. Can anyone recommend a rustic type venue within close city limits??? We are located just north of the city in North Hills. We'd like to keep our venue within a 30 minute drive at most. We are also on a tight budget, around $12,000 total. We already plan to look at the Mayernik Center. If anyone has had any experiences with this venue, any info you could give would be helpful. :) Thanks!

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  • Depending on the size of your wedding check out the Lodge at North Park. I would not recommend it for a wedding with over 100 guests. You may also want to check out Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens, they have a barn on their property, they are still in the process of construction out there so I'm not sure what everything looks like or how big any of their spaces are.
  • Thank you, lizz. I actually called the Lodge today and plan on looking at it :) I will check out Pgh Botanical Gardens as well
  • I looked everywhere in and around the city. We ended up at the White Barn which is 45 mins north in Prospect. We are hiring buses to bring everyone to and from the hotel
  • I am looking for the same thing and time frame! Can you share any info you find and I will do the same! Have you looked at north or south park? If so what did you think?
  • Ran into the same problem trying to find a rustic venue IN the city. I never did, only venues about 40min-1hr north of the city. Rustic Acres Farm is in Volant, and absolutely gorgeous. Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens is south of the city - the venue is beautiful. It's brand new, they should be up and running in the spring. When we checked it out, they said the barn holds around 200-250 based on the dance floor and the outdoor space is very accommodating as well. The Timber House at Rolling Acres is north as well. Good luck! :)
  • @Knottie- I have had no luck!! I found about 5 places with a barn that they rent out super cheap but NONE of them are heated or allow heating units to be brought into the barn. I'm going to look at the Rosebarn in North Park today. The Lodge is being used today so I will have to check that out another day. I will let you know how it goes! What places have you looked into?
  • @jennine- Thanks! I emailed Pgh Botanical Gardens but haven't received a response back yet. Do you know what the price range was for their barn?
  • The Mayernik Center in Avalon/Bellevue has a gorgeous park setting and rustic feel. If I was having a larger, DIY wedding that's where I would choose. Not far from downtown at all really. Closer than North or South Park.
  • @Pepperally - That was my first choice, but unfortunately they're all booked up for October 2015. Thanks anyways!
  • I don't know what size wedding you are having, but the cafe in Schenley Park always seemed adorable to me. Slightly rustic but more on the garden/cottage wedding theme. You can have an additional tent for a larger wedding.
  • @Pepperally -  I just took a look at the Schenley Park Cafe. It does seem adorable! However, I'm afraid it will be too small. Our guestlist is at about 125. And with the wedding being in October, I'm not sure a tent would be the best idea.Thanks so much for your recommendations!
  • I might be late to the conversation, but I get a kind of rustic/DIY vibe from the Pittsburgh Opera House (near the Strip District).  Though it is certainly not a barn, the aesthetic of the ceilings and floor space seem to be a bit barn-like.  Specifically, these photos came to mind:

    Another rustic-feeling spot within city limits (again not an actual barn) might be the Morning Glory Inn in South Side.  I didn't check out this spot for our wedding (the reviews of it didn't seem to match what I was looking for as a long-distance planner) but the pictures that come up on google image are charming and rustic.  
  • @omydarlingwedding - Thank you for the suggestion! I will look into the Pittsburgh Opera House - I would have never thought it looked like that! As far as the Morning Glory Inn- I emailed them almost a month ago and have yet to hear back. It looks very charming! However, I read mixed reviews about the owner, and being that they never responded to my email, I crossed them off my list. Thanks again! :)
  • Look at community parks. Many have "barn" like venues that are cheap.
  • came across this in my searches. Has quite a few barns, I am not sure how close they are though.
  • The barn in Richland Community Park is so pretty. We attended a wedding last week and loved the venue.  The bride rented decor from Pittsburgh Wedding Rentals that included hanging chandeliers and crystal candelabras.  They also provided the newest "starry night lighting" and a monogram light.  PM me for more details.
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    Just a warning: I loved the look of the Pittsburgh Opera House but when we decided to book, their event coordinator Sean never sent us a contract. 2 months after he said he would have the contract "right over to us" I emailed him asking about it and he got snippy and said he was working on it. Another 2 months went by before I decided to book another venue. The Opera House is very DIY and I wouldn't want to be trying to coordinate everything with somebody who clearly doesn't care about my wedding. I never told him we were booking elsewhere and never heard from him again so I probably never would have gotten that contract.
  • @alm199 thanks for the warning!! I did contact Pittsburgh Opera House, but apparently they are completely booked for 2015, anyways. Glad you decided to go somewhere else!! Good luck :)
  • Oh no, sorry I recommended a dud! The aesthetics at Opera House are lovely, though I didn't realize the staff is not attentive!
  • I read some good reviews before we decided to book there so I'm not sure what the issue was in our case. Maybe they just didn't feel like dealing with somebody who wanted a contract before putting money down since they are in high demand.
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