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Choosing photos for Wedding Album

DH and I are in the process of choosing photos for our wedding album.  The photographer has suggested we pick about 75 images for the album.  She will select some images (close ups of flowers, cake, etc.) to use as background on the various pages of the album, lay it out for us, and have us approve it before printing.

Before we pick specific pictures, I am trying to get a ball park idea of how many photos we want from the different types of pictures we will have in the album.  Those of you who have picked pictures for your album already, how many/what ratio of pictures did you use for each of the following:

Getting Ready (I'm including pictures of the rings/bouquet, etc. here)
Bridal Party Portraits
Family Portraits
You and Your Spouse Portraits
Spotlight Dances and Cake Cutting
General Reception Pictures

Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.  There were so many wonderful photos that I could easily pick 150 for the album.

Re: Choosing photos for Wedding Album

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    The book I personal designed the layout for had a lot more images than the one my photog made. I'd say the average is 3-4 photos per page. I suggest thinking in terms of how many pages you want of each "activity."  Pick photos that will work together to fill a page...and hope your photog is good at layout :)

    I focused on the ceremony and the B&G and family portraits. I had two pages of me getting ready, one of him, 8 pages of B&G portraits, 3 of ceremony, 4 of family portraits, one page of cake, one of dances, one of toasts, 3 of general reception, one of us and the fireworks.

    GL!! Hoping you'll share your review on our city page when you get all your photog stuff back :)
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • I made my own album and I found this site while working on it: I didn't really end up using it at all as a guide, but maybe it would be helpful for you. I ended up just sorting all the pictures into groups (getting ready, ceremony, etc) and than picking my favs from each group. Since I made my own album I didn't have to worry about narrowing to a certain number of pictures, but I started with probably around 125. I didn't use them all, and added some others as I went along.
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    We focused more on our first look/B&G photos, ceremony and family/bridal party.  I had a couple getting ready, but it was post makeup and hair.  Same for DH.  We included shots of the flowers, rings, dress,etc. The reception shots we had were first dances, toasts and cake cutting.  While we have lots of dance floor photos, we chose to keep it more traditional and not include those in our album.
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