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Upset with poor quality video ... what can we do?

This is more for the already-married ladies.

We got our highlights video back from our videographer and were very disappointed. The editing was choppy, there were dull/irrelevant scenes, and it just looked unprofessional. We even asked video friends and they said that this was a simply edited video with no "work" done to it, just cut and pasted pieces.

Anyway, we provided the videographer with a list of requested edits and she made an updated video. And it's worse. It's even more choppy, and just not interesting to watch. So, what can we do?

On one hand, we paid thousands of dollars and deserve to be happy with the product. On the other hand, maybe we should have figured out earlier that she's not a great videographer (although the videos on her site seemed nice) and maybe we have too many requests for edits? I'm worried that this is just money down the toilet.

Re: Upset with poor quality video ... what can we do?

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    If you paid thousands of dollars then you do deserve to be happy IMHO. 
    Read your contract, what does it say?
    I would ask if you can schedule an appt and go over the video and talk about what changes you'd like to see.
    When you say highlights video, do you mean the typical 3 min video set to music?
    Did you also get the full ceremony?
    Did your "video friends" give you specify examples or things to ask for? By choppy do you mean jump cuts or the timeline jumps around? I'm having a hard time imagining what you mean, perhaps your videog is too. Maybe an in person, at her editing suite, would be helpful.

    GL! :)
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  • Unfortunately the contract isn't based on our satisfaction, although I don't think it could be since that's subjective. Our friends did point out examples of other videos and elements that a better videographer could have used. I will be calling the videographer today to tell her that we are unhappy. I had asked if we can meet in person to go over things when she was on the first round of edits, but it didn't happen. We'll keep trying...
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    Were the other videos you watched choppy?  If the quality is vastly different, perhaps those other videos aren't hers??  What did other people say about her in reviews?  If you find out there was deception, you could probably take her to small claims court.  

    Or, can you just get the full video and take it to someone else to edit?  I know it would cost you more money, but it might save you in aggravation.
  • I know exactly how you feel. I got married a couple of years ago and just like you, we hired our videographer based on the videos on his website. My husband and I were so excited to see the video and when we finally got it back from him all it we had was 2-6 second clips!  We hired him to film the entire day and what he recorded was really short clips that were more like pictures. When I asked him about it, he said that was raw unedited footage and if I wanted a "continuous video" I would have to pay him $200 per hour extra!

    Needless to say I was extremely dissapointed and depressed. I was so upset after going back & forth with him about it, that I finally just let it go. Now looking back I wish I would have taken further action against him & I would never recommend him to anyone. 

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