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Azul Fives, Playa del Carmen

Relieved to have our wedding date set! October 23, 2015 at Azul Fives in Playa del Carmen. I thought planning a destination wedding was supposed to be easier to plan then a wedding in the States, but I found that not to be completely true haha. It is crazy for what they charge for extra chairs, center pieces, etc. I'm probably going to try to bring some of my own decor if that is a feasible option with flying. Has anyone done this? Even a sheer for the gazebo is $100/sheer. Ridiculous. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! What did you bring? What did you rent while you were in Mexico for decor? Thanks :)

Re: Azul Fives, Playa del Carmen

  • I had a friend who brought a ton of stuff with her for her DW but it was in FL so she didnt have to deal with customs. She did spend so much of her trip making centerpieces/floral arrangments etc. It seemed like such a pain to me! The whole point of a DW to me is to relax so I am not planning on shipping anything except for our welcome bags and all the stuff to go in them. Other than that I am going to let our coordinator take care of everything, thats what shes there for! We may get a few floral pieces for our gazebo (where we are having dinner/dancing) but I am not spending extra on chair bows, colored napkins etc I figure if people are staring out at the gorgeous ocean they wont care if they have a white or pink napkin lol

    Good luck!

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