Has anyone used Elizabeth at The Botanical Garden for their florist?

I am considering using TBE for the flowers at my wedding. I've read some reviews on Elizabeth and there were a lot that stated how inappropriate she was and a lot that agreed but said her work is really worth it. I spoke with her on the phone and it's true! She is very inappropriate. She made a couple of comments that I was really annoyed with. Especially since she is a business owner and I am a potential customer! The comments were made about something that has absolutely nothing to do with my flowers or my wedding. Not to mention she was all over the place with her conversation and I could barely get a word in! Please give me any experiences any of you have had with her. Is her work really worth putting up with her personality and inappropriate comments?

Re: Has anyone used Elizabeth at The Botanical Garden for their florist?

  • She was one of the options in our venue package and we chose to go with her. I don't remember her saying anything inappropriate (we did have a conversation about health insurance when she found out I was a CPA though). She does talk a lot but I must say that I told her exactly what I wanted and she made it work within our budget and what was included in our package. We only used her for our centerpieces and ceremony decorations though and we got a lot of compliments.
  • She talks a lot but I don't remember her saying anything inappropriate.

    I'm easy going and didn't have many ideas so I liked that she had opinions and good ideas.  She worked with my budget and I was really happy with the end result.

    I also liked the LED lighting with "stones" we used for the centerpieces.

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