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Lovin' Today!!!

I feel so productive!

-Started my day after only hitting snooze three times. (Working on that...)
-Got my back adjusted
-Got my oil changed
-Went to my friends' Retirement Open House
-Lunch with my mom
-Eyebrows waxed
-So far two load of laundry done

Now for the the creepy ghost shows. Why do I do this to myself? Sit home alone and watch these shows? Anyone else do that to themselves??

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Batman was supposed to be a symbol of hope and bring justice. Not spark violence.

Re: Lovin' Today!!!

  • Wow, that's a really productive day! I love those kinds of day!

    It also took me (at least) 3 alarms to wake up this morning. :-/

    AND YES, I love creepy/scary/murdermysterytelevision/etc. and I just so happen to watch it when I'm alone. At night. And then my heart races until DH shows up, haha
  • Anytime I'm home alone I find myself watching those creepy ghost shows or horror movies, etc. I love them but I do start texting H with "....when are you coming home again?"
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