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More Pics! Re-Update w/ Wedding Review Pics- 10/18/14 - Mix Restaurant/The Delano Presidental Suite

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The New added pics aren't professional ones but, I wanted to give you a feel of the room :-)

My Hubby (so weird saying that!) and I were in Vegas for two weeks. One week prior to the wedding and one week after. It was a whirlwind of fun, emotions and it went all to quickly! We stayed at two locations during this time so I will review both as well as my vendors.

The Short Version:
Club De Soleil (hotel)- A-
The Delano (hotel) - A-
The Mix for Ceremony Location - A +++++
The Wedding Chapel @ Mandalay - B
Canyon Falls - Hair & Make-up - A +++++ Seriously - I know all of us Brides this mean a ton!!!
Cashman Photograpy - Paul - A+
Masterpiece Cuisine Catering - A +++++
DJ Godzilla - A +++++
Gimme Some Sugar - A +++++ (Can I add another plus)
Creative Bridal-wear for Tuxes - A +++++
Presidential Limo for Meet & Greet Tour - A+

Long Version:

Club De Soleil –
 (A-) This get’s a minus because of the shuttle service (wait times were too long, I’m glad I had a rental car) other then that all the staff, room and amenities were perfect! Coming from out of state I had a TON of stuff to be shipped they held all my wedding paraphernalia. One week prior to our check in I shipped everything out all 16, yes 16 boxes and the help all of them in a locked secured facility FREE of charge. Mandalay charges $25 a box a day for holding, I had 16 boxes! When we checked in all the boxes were already in our room waiting for us! All the staff Helen the manager, the front desk, Glaydis, Teresa, Dee, and the security guard whose name is escaping were all just wonderful. We stayed with them before and after are stay at the Delano.

The Delano Presidential Suite 62803 –
(A-) A minus because of TECHNOLOGY! The makeover to this place is BEAUTIFUL but the technology does not meet up w/ the makeover. They are still in the process of getting to all the suites but, I would think you would make sure the wifi in the VIP suites is in perfect working order. It is very difficult to conduct business with vendors when there is no working wifi. Thank God for 4G! Noise Police: Are suite was DIRECTLY below the Mix Lounge so for the 5 nights we stayed there, we her the thumping of the base and the whoo hooing of the drunking fools above. You would think w/ a make over you would sound proof a suite below a club, also large suites general tend to have guest for cocktail parties. That being said during our in-suite reception (which was from 6pm – 9:30pm) the renta cops came twice!!! I was like Really? It’s not even 10pm! The DJ turn it down a tad and it seemed to fix the problem.  That being said the customer service was TOP NOTCH! From the VIP checkin, Bellman, Valet, Housekeeping, VIP Concierge, Mlife Desk  wonderful wonderful. Now when the wifi was not working they sent someone up right away but, unfortunately was unable to fix the problem. Would I recommend staying here yes, if you are going VIP.

Wedding Chapel @ Mandalay Bay –
(B) My process started a year ago w/ one coordinator and I switch to another coordinator because the 1st one was a dipshit. I’m sorry she just was and I needed a senior coordinator to deal with. The one I worked with was very very good via email to answer questions change things and really help out with everything. For a year I pounded her with emails and she was rapid fire. She gets a B because on my day of event she said that my wedding was her main priority. Obviously that wasn’t true because she was no where to be found after I walked down the aisle. I paid a extra shit ton for the set up I had at the Mix and she left her assistant in-charge. The assistant FORGOT to give me my custom made thank you sign to take pictures in front of the ceremony set up, my custom made runner was backwards, I wanted to be facing my guests, not them looking at our backs!  Needles to say all the effort she put in through out the year was diminished by those few things that were major to me our day.

The Mix – Ceremony Location –
A ++++++ - My wedding is the second to last wedding being held there because of the change over from the Hotel to the Delano – Which is such a shame because this place is so beautiful and elegant!! It was everything I wanted in my vision for our wedding. Our minister was wonderful. He made it light hearted and fun. I couldn’t stop smiling for the life of me! My flowers were perfect and yes I upgraded cause, I wanted too! LOL – I upgraded all the décor, they provided just the vases but, I did everything else, I made the pumpkins, got the pedals, leaves, runner,  etc.

Cashman Photography – (A-) The photos I got were beautiful. The photographer was great but, I’m sorry my head was not screwed on straight to think of I need a shot w/ just my sister, I need to make sure my dress is laid flat, I need to make sure my chin is up,  I need a pic of just me. He just didn’t give me or my guests enough direction but, the shots he got were beautiful. AND – I was totally sucked in to buying the whole  photo package, the right’s dvd, all pics etc. Which I said I wouldn’t do but, when you get in that room and see everything your like how can I not get them all. I only plan on this once so I bought it all, yes I’m a sucker, oh well.

Masterpiece Cuisine- A ++++++
Everyone was fantastic! From start to finish – Scott is the biggest Saint in the Woorrrrld! We went back and forth and he answered all my bazillion emails. Worrying like crazy from being out of state and not taste tasting, I was sooo nervous well, they did not disappoint at all !!!– Flavor Wall, Mac & Cheese Bar, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Caser Teaser, Stuffed Mushrooms, Roast beef Sliders, Chicken Quesadillas, Shanghai Lettuce Wraps, Filet Wellington – All Ah-Mazingg – The even captain and bar tenders were great. The whole staff was efficient. Kept things neat and tidy. I can say how great there are and again coming from the east coast we ain’t easy to please and they went above and beyond my expectations.

Gimme Some Sugar - A +++++
Thank you to My baker Ashley from #GimmeSomeSugar , for the most amazing desserts! My cake was EXACTLY what I wanted!  Which I ate the entire week after my wedding (after 2 yrs of no cake!)!! Yes I need gimme some sugar as my annual sweet binge trip! And come on..... I'm 20min outside NYC: Crumbs Bake Shop, Magnolia, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Carlo's Bakery, Milk & Cookies, Baked by Melissa and NONE of them can hold...forget a candle not even a match to you guys!! Creativeness, kindness, tastiness, responsiveness (to every insane email I sent) the care you take in each creation..wahhhhh waiting another year will kill me...Actually it's probably a good thing I'm across the country cause otherwise my waistline would certainly fail me!! Thank you again from your very stuffed happy bride! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Canyon Falls – Hair and Make up A +++++
1st of all – Any one who doesn’t reach out to this place and ask for Sara is nuts –  2nd – My options for hair was flying my own stylist out which, yes nuts so I did a ton of research and went here. They did my H&M 2x for Meet & Greet/Bday Party and wedding w/ a trial for 306 and that’s including tax and gratuity AND she came to my hotel for both events!!!  I had to go to her for the trial but, I had a rental car and it was no big deal. Sara is fantastic, the second she started I knew she was good (Again East coast princess not easy to please) not only was she good, she got exactly what I wanted, the look I was going for, for both events and I couldn’t have been happier. I literally melted because the ease of tension knowing I have a great stylist was such a relief! Even though tip was included I gave her More – Why? Because H&M besides of the dress is the biggest deal!!! So yes I luved luved luved her!!

DJ Godzilla – Calvin – Uplighting & Music - A +
There’s nothing more then I can say but perfect! He was great, easy to work with, answered all emails and texts wasn’t expensive for all my needs. He played all the music everyone wanted and it was fun! Kept the flow of the night moving right along and the lighting brought it all together 

Creative Bridal Wear - A +++
Kelly & Brian are Awwweesome! Litereally a 15 min appointment for my hubby & Dad. They came to us for sizing, dropped off and picked up tuxes. Brain was friendly informative and just a pleasure to work with! Oh and the price perfect.

Presidential Limo – (A) 10/16 - My Meet & Greet & 40 Birthday Party! 7p - 11p
They were good. Booking easy peasy. On-time, kept on schedule, friendly driver, party bus typical for a night out for 25ppl. Nothing out of the ordinary. Price was right. we went to the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign for pictures (Which keep in mind we were picked up right at the Delano so it's like two seconds from the sign), then to the Belliago for the fountain show (Which was for all my F&F would hadn't seen it before and then down to Freemont St which was a blast! Oh My Goddness, so much fun! We zip-lined on slotzilla, got $1 margarita's at Freemont Hotel, which we didn't even need by the time we hit Freemont cause the drinks were flowing on the bus!

Mlife & Identity - JOIN IT!! We got comp sooo much we didn't pay to eat once! Play MyVegas it really helps :-)

Rental Car - GET ONE! We we're there for two weeks and it was a HUGE help. From dropping off gift bags, picking up some guests, day trips, etc, it was great to have to come and go as we pleased and not wait for cabs and such.

Freebies - YES! You are getting married or just got married!!! Use it! I got a free upgrade on our rental car, free parking, free tickets, meals - Ladies ware your bride gear! I wore white outfits, lil dresses all week leading up to the wedding with the Bride to Be on it some where and day of Bride Gear Juicy Velour , then my Just Married/Wife Gear. When else in your life to you get to use it so DO IT!! Your getting married so own that I am a Bride to be title and be the VIP! One of my guests got 6 VIP tickets to the Nuggets Basketball after party just by saying she was here w/ the bride and groom! Ha!! Yes we all went to, free booze and music at the Foundation Room thanks! Then we went to the Mix for free too, I did just get married there so let my party come up and they did!

Any question or need anything let me know - I'm happy to help!!!

Satisfied Bride

I've attached room layout, welcome bags, ceremony, some reception and others. Enjoy!


Re: More Pics! Re-Update w/ Wedding Review Pics- 10/18/14 - Mix Restaurant/The Delano Presidental Suite

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    ETA: Gorgeous pics!! Glad I came back for the update. ;)

  • Thank you!

  • How beautiful! I LOVE the cake :) Your welcome bags are amazing. 

    What was in the "perfect mix" packet with the tequila? 
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  • WOW! Everything looks so awesome, you may have given me some ideas for our gift bags for our guests! :) Congratulations!
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  • Everything looks gorgeous!  You did a great job.  Congrats!

    Happiness is an inside job
  • Awesome; love Mix weddings.  What did they tell you with regard to the change in the name?  I was under the impression (after my visit in July) that other than a re-branding, menu change and possibly getting rid of the flying saucer in the middle, it was to remain open as-is?

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  • Thanks All!!!
    @vegasgroom all the told me is that I was the 2nd to last wedding there before the reconstruction would happen.
    @hmgriffor "The Perfect Mix" w/ the tequila was margarita mix of course! LOL, the cups were color changers, they went from clear to pink!
    destinationtake2 - Thank you for the Gorgeous comment - I had a very hard crowd to impress, I hope I accomplished it. 

    Again any questions or help w/ anything please don't hesitate to ask glad to share all of my custom made details.
  • @hmgiffor - Use Gimme Some Sugar they are sooo awesome the cake and all the mini desserts tasted so incredible, OHHHMMMYYGOODNESS - If you are in Vegas and haven't tried this bakery - DO IT!!!
  • @jayjaay - noticed the "social media" info in your welcome packet info Photo.  Would you mind sharing that?  Trying to get ideas how to address the facebook posted etc.  Also your welcome bags are awesome! Thanks!
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  • KrisLSmiley Aww thanks - sure what would you like to know?
  • What did you say?  Don't post photos? or Post away but post them with a hashtag?  Just don't know what is OK to say or do.  Thanks!
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
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    You can say or do whatever you like! It's your day and your wishes will be respected by all your guest. I original wanted to share w/ the world and then, I was like ya know what ..No I want my day private and I will share later! these are the two media insert I had made And I did share ALL my photo's about a week later :-)
  • The talk about what is preferred for guests to do with regard to social media reminded me of something that may or may not be applicable/useful.  We added language to all our vendors contracts stating they could not use photos from our event, or our names, for any advertising or social media purposes without prior written consent.  My wife and I try to keep a low online profile due to my work and her being an MD, so we didn't want pictures of our wedding scattered about on random websites.

    Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

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