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Interfaith Wedding: Christian marrying a Mormon Man

My fiancé comes from a very devout Mormon family.  He didn't serve on a mission but his 3 brothers & father did.  His sisters are very involved in the church as well. They're all very sweet people & I'm looking forward to welcoming them as my family. 


My family is a mix of both Catholicism & regular Christianity.  My parents were not thrilled about me dating a Mormon man but have grown to respect & care for him.  My family has attended a non-denominational church in our home town for several generations & besides it being a beautiful farm town whiteboard church it's where I grew up so my fiancé has agreed to start attending with me & get married there when we do next November. 

We are expecting a child together in January & have agreed that our son will attend both churches so that he can decide for himself.  My concern is how do I show his family that is so deeply in rooted in the Mormon church that us getting married in my families church isn't a bad thing? Yes we aren't going to be sealed in the Temple & I have no interest in converting after attending meetings with him several times & talking to the Elders.  I'm happy & secure in my faith but I want my future husband to not feel that our marriage is somehow not as good.  His stepmother has told him that she'll pray for us to find the correct solution to this & one of his sisters won't be attending our wedding because it's not in the Mormon church.

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    I think that with family members with that mindset that "they'll pray for you" and are refusing to attend your wedding, especially since you're not converting and not doing a temple sealing, you can't come up with any solution that isn't totally their way without any deviation for you.  Nor will the Mormon church allow their children to be raised in another faith as well so "he can decide for himself." 

    Also, everyone I know whose parents are not the same religion have a lot of trouble "deciding for themselves" what faith to practice, and one usually ends up by the wayside because it's not the mainstream faith.  Or, s/he ends up with no religion at all because s/he got no direction as a kid.)

    So I think the only solution is just to not even try to "show this family that getting married in your family's church isn't a bad thing."  They've already decided that it is and are going to give you both the hardest time they can over it.  Get married in your church and own the decision.  Let it go at that.
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