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B&W Photos Are Back! (PIP - and review)

So here is my review:

Bentley & Wilson - A

All in all I am pretty happy with the pictures. The ones of the "hangover lot" are not too bad, but not as great as I had hoped. But all in all they are good photos, and there is enough there to make up a decent album. I received disc with 1700 photos on it, a heap of them edited, and then the rest as they are. Most of the unedited ones are really good anyway, so they didnt need editing. I didnt give Todd much instruction, so he just took some candid shots, and we did a few "posing" ones too. I also pretty much let him choose the locations... and as my feet were so sore, I didnt mind not walking too far. Anyway, for the price you pay for him, and what you get I would definitely recommend. If you are after something really specific... let him know. Take pictures along with you for him to replicate.


Re: B&W Photos Are Back! (PIP - and review)

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