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Holiday Desserts

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So its time for the holidays and all the sweets that come along with it. So what are you ladies baking this year? Or what favorite recipes do you have for the season?

This year, FI and I got the sweets for Thanksgiving dinner. We made pumpkin pie and a blueberry cobbler.

I also decided to try this sinfully fattening peppermint sugar and spice cake. It has cream cheese, pudding mix, and dark chocolate in it. So delicious!

And then for the adults at the party, I decided to experiment with some raspberry liqueur, Irish whiskey, and whipping cream all finished off with a drizzle of chocolate and fresh raspberries. I whipped up the liquor, cream, and some raspberries until stiff. It is now the filling for both chocolate cups and a filo crust layered with chocolate ganache both under and on top of the cream filling. I'm still debating whether I should incorporate a mint sprig for garnish or not...

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